Welcome/First Answer



Welcome / First Answer

The Red Thread

In ancient times, when we gathered about the fire, we knew about the Legend of the Red Thread. There are many versions of this legend. The Chinese one goes like this:

“Those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth. This thread can stretch and tangle but it will never break. We will eventually connect. Choosing to stay connected and how we weave is our choice.”


So. Welcome, dear one. By meeting here, we fulfill destiny. We finally meet.

We finally connect.

I Know

I know that you seek to know the will of Spirit, God, Goddess, the Universe, whatever name you choose to call the Creative Intelligence that is all, knows all and only wants the very best for all.

You have many questions. Your main desire is to know the will of this Intelligence for your life.

You want to know:

  1. What am I to be?
  2. What problem am I to solve/help solve?

First Answer

The first question—what am I to be—is easy to answer. You are to:

  1. be kind, generous, compassionate, empathic, helpful to everyone and everything
  2. be wise, the sage, the courageous one to all who come your way
  3. be well, strong, flexible, able, energetic in every moment of life
  4. be clear, see clearly, hear clearly and share your clarity with all who ask.

Second Answer

The second question—what problem am I to solve/help solve—is not that simple. You already know this.

Perhaps you, like me, has searched for its answer for many decades, have thought you found the answer many times but were disappointed and felt betrayed, conned, used.

You no longer trust those who say they have the answer for this question.

Remember the Red Thread.

Our Shared Piece

We are connected by an invisible Red Thread. You and I were destined to meet. That’s true.

There is another part of this destiny.

Long ago, in another time and place, it was decided that at a certain point in your present life experience you would need certain information; it was decided that I would teach you how to Ask the Angels for this information; it was decided that I would encourage and support you in using this information to do the work you were sent here to do.

This meeting, and what is to come, was decided long ago.

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