Empathy and Being Empathetic

Sept. 22, 2013


Several of you emailed and asked for more information about empathy and being empathetic.


Empathy is the ability to read and understand people.  Empaths sense the truth of how a human and, sometimes animals, really feel.  Empaths know when someone is lying.  They can sense the true motivations of someone’s behavior.   They know when someone is offering constructive support, and when someone’s purpose is to destroy.

As with most human traits, all of us are empathetic; some of us allow this trait to come through weakly, barely even acknowledging its existence; others allow their empathetic ability to be very strong.

Dictionaries usually define empathy as compassion, consideration and deep understanding of others.  In actuality, these traits are the results of empathetic ability.

I am asking that all of us strengthen our empathetic ability and that all of us put our empathy trait to good use as we protect this new way of life we have brought into the world.


In this present time, the great majority of us are exposed to a steady stream of data.  Time and time again, all of us have been mislead, lied to and manipulated to take actions we would normally refuse to even remotely consider.

Often, we have been fed false information by those we trusted and by those to whom we gave dominion over us.

We now have an added responsibility:  we must protect, nurture and support this new thing, this new way of life, this new being we have brought, are bringing or have an intense desire to bring into the world.

We need our empathetic ability to help us meet this new responsibility.  The fact is that not everyone supports us, or the new thing we are birthing and protecting.

Observe Syria and other societies that have or are attempting to bring forth something new: not everyone in these societies welcomes this new idea.   Strong empathetic ability would help the people of these societies identify who to trust and who to beware of.

Realizing this, we turn, again, to the angels for help.

Request to the angels

I speak to the angels for all of us.

Angels of all of us,

Thus is Rev. Barbara.  I speak for all of us on the planet Earth who desire a planet where all enjoy health, prosperity and friendship; and where all can grow and expand the talents, gifts, skills Life gave to us; where all of us can achieve the calling that has been placed on our life.

I speak for all of us who now know that being an empath is a gift from God, that all of us were given this gift and that this gift can be a very powerful force for the good.

Angels of all of us, we recognize the gift of empathetic ability.  We know this ability is real, that it exists and that it’s true.  We know that each of us has this gift.  As with all spiritual gifts, it exists inside of us.  We already have it; it has and will always be.

Angels of all of us, we ask for guidance to bring this gift to our physical world.  We believe this gift will help us make good choices.  We receive this gift now.  We receive the gift of being our true Self now; this Self includes strong empathetic ability.

We are grateful for a way to know the truth when we hear it.

Therefore, angels of all of us, please help us know when our empathetic ability is giving us information and guidance.  Help us to accept the data it’s providing.  Please guide us in whatever way we receive clear, focused, understandable communication from you.

We know that accepting and using empathetic gifts helps us become stronger, more powerful healers.  For we know, that when we heal the Self, our world, also, heals.

Thank you, angels of all of us; thank you for helping us.

Peace to all,

Rev. Barbara

Suicide and the Light

September 14, 2013


My heart broke when I heard about the suicide of the 12-year-old girl in Florida.  Even though I know her angels were and are with her; even though I know the Archangel Michael gathered her in love and took her to the Light where she is forever held in love, I was and am so very sad.

I am a suicide survivor.  I know only too well how the words and demands of others can bring a person to do the unthinkable.  When I left my body and this planet, and approached the Light, I was sent back into this body and this time.  I did not want to return; I knew that if I could only reach and enter the Light, I would be forever cared for, loved and protected.

However, that was not to be.  As I got a certain distance from the Light, I was told “This is not yet your time.  You must return” and was returned to my body and to the place where I lived.

It is the memory of that experience that gives me great comfort; I know the Light exists; I know this place is one of welcome, love and peace; I know that no one is denied entry; I know that when it is my time, I will go to the Light.  I have no doubt.

Perhaps it was time for this child to return to the Father.  I know she is in love; I send her and her family, I send all those who have done this act, my love and know that all is well for all of them and will forever be so.

However, part of my sadness has to do with Syria and the work it and each of us is doing of birthing something new and of calming the old that must make way for this new thing; and, that this birthing process needs assistance that has yet to appear.

So, again, it’s time to speak with the angels:

Angels of all of us,

Help each of us to know that each of us is valued, appreciated and cherished; that each of us is a piece of the answer to the world’s prayer for peace, health and prosperity, that each of us is loved by God; that each of us is needed; that each of us has a new thing to birth, protect and nurture; that each of us must calm the old and give it reassurance that we honor the good that it did for us and our world.

Angels of all of us,

Please reveal your Self to each of us; please let each of us know that each of us has at least one angel with us at all times and that we are never alone, or unprotected, or without support and nurturance.  Please let each of us know that whatever assistance is needed to birth our new thing, you provide it now.

I, Rev. Barbara, make this request in full knowledge that it won’t be denied.

Angels of all of us,

Please make your presence known and, if the circumstance demands, please take out your swords of truth and power and put them to use.  For as much as we are servants of the Light, sometimes it is only the swords of angels that can defeat the servants of the dark.

Thank you, Angels of all of us.  Thank you for coming to our aid.  Thank you for loving and caring for us.  Thank you for helping us recognize and honor God and the Light.

Peace to all,

Rev. Barbara

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September 7, 2013


Concerning Syria: it’s time to ask the angels for help: please read aloud–often:

Angels of all of us,

Thus is Rev. Barbara.  I speak for all of us on the planet Earth who desire a planet where all can enjoy health, prosperity, friendship and where all can grow and expand our talents, gifts, skills and contributions to Life.  I speak for all of us who know that love is the answer.

Angels of all of us, we know what happened in one of our nations, the nation of Syria.  We recognize that this is the expression of fear.  We know that our planet is in a birth process.  We are giving birth to something new and the old is scared, is afraid of giving way to the new, is afraid of going to the Light.

Angels of all of us, we know the old way to deal with Syria, the way of punishment, judgment and violence.  We know about non-violence, the way Gandhi and so many others taught.  We, also, know that we have to heal our own personal Syria before the conflict will end.

Therefore, angels of all of us, please identify for each of us,  our personal Syria–the new we are desiring to birth and the way our old is attempting to block this birth.  Please tell us in whatever way we receive clear, understandable communication from you.  Please tell us how to bring peace and ease to this birth.  Please help us to welcome the new and honor the old.

For we know, that when we heal the Self, our world, also, heals.

Thank you, angels of all of us; thank you for helping us.



Sept. 3, 2013


At the moment, most of us are thinking about peace and how much we desire it.  President Richard Nixon said that “peace is greater than the absence of war”; Jesus, the Master Teacher, said that “peace passes all understanding”.  In other words, we humans haven’t the faintest idea what peace is which is why peace conferences continually fail.

However, these gatherings have tremendous value: each brings us a tad closer to knowing peace.

I wonder if we would understand peace more if we stopped wanting life to be easy.  Life isn’t easy.  Many of us have learned to shun those who try to convince us that doing such and such will bring us ease.  Most of us realize that to win anything requires a struggle and, sometimes, we have to do more than struggle: we have to fight.

I wonder if we would know peace if we would admit that fighting is part of our experience instead of denying that it is.  I wonder what would happen if we acknowledged that to reach a goal, struggle was going to happen, and perhaps a fight or two, also.  I wonder if admitting and accepting struggle and fighting as part of what we do as humans would clear enough space for peace to enter and, perhaps, stay long enough for us to recognize, define and accept it.

As of today, I stop condemning my Self when I struggle; I stop thinking I’ve done something wrong when I have to fight for what I want; I remember the butterfly that struggles to leave it’s cocoon and then fights to dry its wings.  I recall that once it gains freedom, it flies with grace and ease.

I speak my word aloud that I struggle and fight with honor for that which is right and true.