October 3, 2013


Someone wrote, “Vengeance must walk out before love can walk in.”

Considering recent world events, vengeance has a strong hold on the thoughts and actions of many persons.  The desire for revenge has taken over; rage controls us.

When rage takes over, before we know it, we, our Self,  are out-of-control.  Unless someone or thing intervenes, we can become a pawn for those who serve the dark.; we can find our Self speaking words, or doing actions that we may regret. 

Recently, this happened to me.  Until a certain Congresswoman spoke about how she was working and therefore, should be paid, I had no idea that I was extremely angry about the US government shutdown and the lack of respect or caring shown for its employees by the Congress, the elected officials of this land.

I am so grateful I was alone and in my home so that only the Universe, God and the angels heard my words, or felt my rage.

I became calm, realized that my anger solved nothing, and let it go.  I made a short list of what I can control about this situation–me–and what I could not–Congress; and then, quickly spoke to the angels:

Angels of all of us,

I remember that I am an empath; I quickly and accurately read others, and I know how to respond to this reading so that all is well. 

I have a strong, clear inner voice, the voice of God; some people call this strong inner voice, intuition.  The name doesn’t matter; what matters is I know it exists for my highest good, therefore, I tune in and listen to its guidance and information. 

I ask that all of us be guided to  be at peace, to speak words of wisdom and to do that which produces love. 

This is Rev. Barbara.  I speak for all who are open and receptive to the letting go of rage, vengeance and revenge.  I speak for those who are willing to receive guidance on how to achieve the calling on their life: a calling to make peace, prosperity, health and growth possible for all beings everywhere.  I speak for those who desire to be servants of the Light.

Angels of all of us,

There is much greatness, beauty and love in our world.  Help us to identify these elements and to cherish them.  We know that you, the Angels of all of us, protect and strengthen these elements; we need only appreciate and value them.

Strengthen our abilities to instantly know the truth of a situation, and then, strengthen our knowing how to respond to all situations so that all is well and so that we demonstrate that we are servants of the Light.

I thank you, Angels of all of us.  Thank you for hearing this Word and for responding to it.

Peace to all,

Rev. Barbara

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