Sweet and Sour

Oct. 13, 2013


This past week, I met with a group of women who were discussing unexpected set-backs in the bringing forth of their idea.  Most of us expect set-backs; they’re a normal part of life especially when doing something new.  We have a sense of what they’ll be, when they’ll occur and why.

Sometimes, however, we experience a delay that is so out-of-the-ordinary that it takes our breath.  One of the women was describing her take-the-breath experience when a woman interrupted and said, “I need some sweet tea.  Right now.”

This woman is diabetic; her demand was immediately met.  After a few sips, she explained as she nodded to the woman who had been speaking, “Your experience was so sour, I had to have something sweet to counter it.”

The speaker responded, “Your comments explain what has been happening this week.  Usually, I don’t crave sweets, but this past week, I have had an intense desire for them.  Plus, a piece or two didn’t satisfy.  I wanted the entire cake, or pie, or package of cookies.  Sometimes, I wanted more than the whole thing.  I was ready to make an appointment with my doctor; this behavior is so out of character for me that I thought something was physically wrong; but, you’ve just explained everything: my situation was so sour, I needed a lot of sweet to counter it.”

This need to counter the sourness of life with sweetness is true for all of us; it’s especially true for diabetic persons and those in crisis, or take-your-breath set-backs.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

When we are in the sourness of life, remind us to counter it with sweet.  The sweetness of your presence, guidance and protection counters sour.

Help us to gain from the sour.  Both sweet and sour are needed, but sour need not be destructive; it can simply be a way to bring in certain data.

Since sour is part of this life experience, teach us to experience sour in a positive light.  Help us gain from sour, thank it  and quickly let it go.

This is Rev. Barbara.  I’m speaking for my Self and for all those who are open and receptive to the presence and guidance from you angels.  I’m speaking for all those who are open and receptive to this word and the inspiration, encouragement and knowledge it brings.

Angels of all of us,

We rejoice in sweet and in sour; both bring us needed data.  So that sour doesn’t dominate our experience of Life, we consciously include sweet at all times.  We plan for sweet experiences; we partake of sweet daily.  We keep track of sweet so that we know we are getting more than enough of it.

When we are encountering sour, we add additional sweet to our experience.  We might go for a walk or swim, speak with friends, read an inspirational piece, pray, meditate, watch TV, participate in a team sport or volunteer in our community, We live Life, both the sweet and the sour.  We are grateful for both.  We gain from both; both help strengthen our idea and us.

We thank the angels for being with us, for reminding us that sour is necessary and that sweet is its counter.

And so it is.


Rev. Barbara

Contact me at spreadlight@bellsouth.net

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