Failure Hones the Practice of Excellence

Nov. 11, 2013


It’s been an interesting week.  Several times each day, I’ve heard my angels whisper, “Are you practicing love”, or “Is what you about to do the practice of prosperity”, or “Are you practicing health”, or “Ahhh.  Those words are the practice of wisdom.  Very good.”? 

Their clear, understandable, focused comments are in response to last week’s blog “What You Practice Is What You Have” based on Cheri Huber’s book. 

I was even given a title for a bulletin board: We Practice Excellence; therefore, We Have Excellence

I practice excellence; I leave perfection to God and the angels.

And, since so many of the people I coach fear failure, or haven’t been exposed to the teaching of master teacher Thomas Edison, the American scientist and inventor, that states: “failure is simply the collection of ways that won’t work to solve the current challenge”. (paraphrased), I was led to add to the bulletin board: “We celebrate failure.  It hones our practice of excellence.”

As I said, it’s been an interesting week.  As I have practiced being, doing, having what I desire and listening to my angels, I have experienced continuous joy and peace. 

It is my hope that all of you have practiced being what you desire to be, do and have, that all of you have felt and heard your angels and that all of you experienced, are experiencing and will continue to experience the presence of angels.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

It is with great joy that I thank you for being with us this past week.  I thank you for sending wisdom.  I thank you for sending prosperity, health and love.  But, most of all, I thank you for making your presence known.

It is a great blessing to hear and feel your guidance, support and nurturance.  Sensing your presence makes it easier for us to open and receive the shower of blessings that is sent to us continuously.  Thank you.

This is Rev. Barbara speaking.  I speak the word for all those who are open and receptive to it.  I speak so that all of us will know the truth and have the freedom that truth brings.  I speak so that all of us will recognize and respond to the love and support of the angels.

Angels of all of us,

Thank you for a week of peace and joy.  Thank you for your clear, understandable, focused whispers of wisdom and encouragement.  Thank you for helping us receive the many blessings of the Universe.


Rev. Barbara

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