Stay True

Jan. 19, 2014


This week, Jan. 20 to Jan. 24, 2014, my book, Who Are You Really, is available free on Amazon Kindle.  I hope each of you download a copy this week.

Why Get the Book

Throughout history, the people who have done great work are those who have:

  • stayed focused on where they were going
  • stayed faithful to who they were
  • and who stayed firm in what they believed.

Doing the work outlined in this book will help you do all of this by getting you to :

  • name your destination
  • identify who you are
  • and, clarify your beliefs.

It, also, helps to ask the angels for clarity about these same issues.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

Those of us who seek your protection and guidance know that you, the angels, will help us realize our destinations or the calling of God on our life.  With your help, we know who we are really, and we are clear about what we believe.

Intuitively, we know that God and those who want only the very best for us want us to stay focused.  Loosing focus causes our destruction.

Intuitively, we know that any work is a great work if God calls us to do it.  It doesn’t matter if this work is unrecognized as great by the world, or if the world ignores or downplays this work.  If God calls us to do it, it is a great work.

This is Barbara speaking.  I speak the work for all those who are open and receptive to it.  I speak for all those who seek the truth for it is from the truth that all good comes including health, prosperity, personal peace and success.

The resources, knowledge and support is given us.  We know we are guided and protected. For this we give thanks.



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