Master of Truth Recognition, part 2

July 30, 2014


The best Masters of Truth Recognition are those who know and love themSelves.

Remember to capitalize “Self”; you are a creation of God, endowed with all the qualities and characteristics of your Creator plus a special gifting of talents, abilities and skills.

It’s this special gifting that people tend to ignore, or worse, never identify.

Who Are You Really

I wrote Who Are You Really because, at one time, I couldn’t identify my special gifting. I couldn’t say:

“The themes (constant appearing patterns) in my life are peace maker (diplomat), problem solver and knowledge acquirer.

My overriding interests are spiritual development and nature.

My greatest talent (genius) is the ability to explain what is, so that others gain understanding and appreciation of what is.

I seek (my soul desires) learning, gratitude, honesty, beauty, excellence and newness (creativity).

I function best in environments that are quiet, orderly, beautiful, and ones that allow independence and relief from micro and macro management.”

Knowing this has brought me personal peace and courage. I know who I am, and I know my purpose


My particular bundle of talents, skills and abilities help me complete the tasks I was sent here to do.

Knowledge of Self has strengthen my inner core. I now stand firm and can’t easily be persuaded to abandon who I am and what I am about.

As I listen to leaders, I ask two question, “Are they telling the truth?” and “Does what they want done help me accomplish my purpose?”


You can have this same personal peace and inner strength.

Do the work outlined in my book Who Are You Really. Identify your unique gifting of talents, skills and abilities.

Knowing this will help you be a Master of Truth Recognition and turn from seducers, charmers, liars, manipulators and controllers.

Yes. Guidance is needed. Let us ask the angels for help.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We give thanks that you angels, God, the ascended masters and the master teachers are willing to help us live the best life possible.

We give thanks that we are the Creations of God and are endowed with all the qualities and characteristics of the Creator.

Therefore, we know that we are creators and organizers, powerful and wise, healthy and strong, and are givers of our unique bundle of talents, skills and abilities.

Our special gifting helps us more easily identify and fulfill our mission for this particular life experience.

We give thanks that this is so.


We give thanks that you are with us, helping us do the work of identifying our gifting, naming each one, accepting, strengthening and developing each one.

We are grateful that as we know and accept the truth about our uniqueness, we more easily recognize others truth tellers; and thus, we make good decisions about who and what to follow.

And so it is.



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Masters of Truth Recognition, part 1

July 20, 2014


Masters of Truth Recognition easily identify lies, seductions and manipulations. They know who speaks truth and who doesn’t. They sense those who want our support in order to bring forth the greater good and those who want to line their own pockets with gold.

The first step in becoming a Master of Truth Recognition is changing the belief, thought and expression “I am a child of God” to “I am a creation of God”.

Child means that one is 14 or younger and is acquiring a foundation on which to place wisdom, strength and skills.

However, we aren’t children. We aren’t weak, small or lacking in any good thing.

Creations of God
We are creations of God; therefore, we have all the qualities and characteristics of the Creator because that is what creators do: they impart their qualities into whatever they create.

We are what God is:

We are all powerful, all knowing, all giving spiritual beings. We are creators and organizers. We are inspirations and motivators.

For most of us, the above words are impossible to accept for we have been told that we are the opposite of greatness from the beginning of this life experience.

We need the angels to help us accept who we are really: the creations of God.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,
We are grateful that we are Masters of Truth Recognition. It’s a relief to know when we are being lied to, charmed, seduced and manipulated.

We are thankful that we hear the truth and know what we hear is so. It’s a relief to know that what we see and sense is real.

We easily bypass the fake, the false statements and those who have forgotten who they are: a creation of God.

We, the Masters of Truth Recognition, are very aware that we are creations of God and thus have all the qualities and characteristics of God.

We know that we are powerful, knowledgeable and the givers in the Universe. We know we are stable, secure and solid. We know that we are always learning, growing and becoming more.

Angels of all of us,
Remind us daily of our greatness, of our ability to discern truth from falsehood, of our strength and abilities.

Help us to accept that we are the mighty creations of God and that each of us stands tall and strong.

Remind us that we are Masters of Truth Recognition and that we can and do recognize the truth and truth tellers.

Remind us that as Masters of Truth Recognition we are obligated to tell the truth always and to be clean in all communications. Help us to do this.

Guide us to use our abilities as Masters of Truth Recognition to carefully choose who and what we will serve.  Remind us that our choices must reflect who we are really: creations of God.

We give thanks and gratefully receive all the guidance, nurturance and support given us to be who we really are.

We stand with the angels, the ascended masters, the master teachers and all those who know that it is from the truth and only from the truth that peace, prosperity, health and empowering relationships come.

And so it is.



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Masters of Truth Recognition

July 13, 2014

I recently read about the “enduring power of bad ideas”, especially if these ideas support the interests of powerful people. Bad ideas such as the “war in Iraq would be an easy, cheap win” or “that tax cuts will entirely pay for themselves” or “that corporations deserve welfare; they bring us jobs” abound in our culture.

Most of us now know that war is never easy or cheap, that tax cuts bring economic ruin, and corporations rarely keep the promises they make in order to get free land, free buildings and freedom from taxation.

Consider the Results
Don’t believe these results? Talk to a returning warrior; consider the many roads and bridges that are in disrepair; and, find out exactly when those jobs promised by welfare corporations appeared.

Yet, when presented with these kinds of bad ideas, we easily accepted them.

We want life to be easy and inexpensive so, we readily buy the stories authorities broadcast that life is exactly that; we accept these stories even when past history tells us they are false; even though present day observations prove them wrong.

Question Authority
The problem is that most of us have forgotten how to question authority. We hear or read the words of some professor, or government official, or religious leader, or politician, and we think we have heard the Gossip.

We forget, or perhaps never realized, that these authorities are all charmers and seducers who believe in winning at any cost by any means.

They are masters at gaining our support and obedience.

For most of us, the only way to reveal false beliefs and bad ideas is to ask the angels for help. We ask that we become masters at recognizing truth.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

The vision of peace on Earth is alive and well. Those who have that longing need help to bring it about.

We ask for the gift of instant recognition of truth. We ask to be masters of truth recognition.

We create a space for this mastery by letting go of false beliefs and bad ideas.

We let in, accept and work with the good and the true.

We ask that the charmer and the seducer, the manipulator and the controller, be instantly recognized and dealt with.

We ask for the strength and the courage to let go of all bad ideas and false beliefs—personal, cultural, political and religious.

We ask that truth fill the space left by the departure of the false and the bad.

We give thanks that we are now masters of truth recognition. We give thanks that we now identify the charmer, the seducer, the manipulator, the controller.

We are masters of truth recognition; therefore, we only attract truth tellers and truth. We celebrate truth, great ideas and genuine beliefs. We rejoice in the peace that results.

And, so it is.



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