Masters of Truth Recognition

July 13, 2014

I recently read about the “enduring power of bad ideas”, especially if these ideas support the interests of powerful people. Bad ideas such as the “war in Iraq would be an easy, cheap win” or “that tax cuts will entirely pay for themselves” or “that corporations deserve welfare; they bring us jobs” abound in our culture.

Most of us now know that war is never easy or cheap, that tax cuts bring economic ruin, and corporations rarely keep the promises they make in order to get free land, free buildings and freedom from taxation.

Consider the Results
Don’t believe these results? Talk to a returning warrior; consider the many roads and bridges that are in disrepair; and, find out exactly when those jobs promised by welfare corporations appeared.

Yet, when presented with these kinds of bad ideas, we easily accepted them.

We want life to be easy and inexpensive so, we readily buy the stories authorities broadcast that life is exactly that; we accept these stories even when past history tells us they are false; even though present day observations prove them wrong.

Question Authority
The problem is that most of us have forgotten how to question authority. We hear or read the words of some professor, or government official, or religious leader, or politician, and we think we have heard the Gossip.

We forget, or perhaps never realized, that these authorities are all charmers and seducers who believe in winning at any cost by any means.

They are masters at gaining our support and obedience.

For most of us, the only way to reveal false beliefs and bad ideas is to ask the angels for help. We ask that we become masters at recognizing truth.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

The vision of peace on Earth is alive and well. Those who have that longing need help to bring it about.

We ask for the gift of instant recognition of truth. We ask to be masters of truth recognition.

We create a space for this mastery by letting go of false beliefs and bad ideas.

We let in, accept and work with the good and the true.

We ask that the charmer and the seducer, the manipulator and the controller, be instantly recognized and dealt with.

We ask for the strength and the courage to let go of all bad ideas and false beliefs—personal, cultural, political and religious.

We ask that truth fill the space left by the departure of the false and the bad.

We give thanks that we are now masters of truth recognition. We give thanks that we now identify the charmer, the seducer, the manipulator, the controller.

We are masters of truth recognition; therefore, we only attract truth tellers and truth. We celebrate truth, great ideas and genuine beliefs. We rejoice in the peace that results.

And, so it is.



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