Work Worsens

Jan. 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

About a year or so ago, about the time of the U.S. government shutdown, a group of American federal (government) employees came to me for help.

These are not the folks in Washington, D.C. who earn well over $100,000 a year, but folks earning less than $50,000 a year with families to support.

The loss of income was creating havoc so we asked the angels for help in increasing income.

When the shutdown ended and certain government employees were given their lost wages, the group thought their work troubles were over. They returned yesterday.

Work Worsens
It seems that work has gotten worse. Their stress has multiplied many times. Their quotas—how much they are to get done in an hour—have increased. Their managers and bosses—never pleasant people before—have gotten meaner and nastier. This seems to be the result of recent budget cuts by the Congress; however, none in the group were certain of the cause.

Heart-felt Desires
After much discussion—this took most of Monday—the group decided on three heart-felt desires:

  1. To survive this present circumstance physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and strong
  2. To be kind, compassionate and empathic to all involved in this situation including bosses and managers
  3. And, to have work that brings joy, satisfaction, recognition and the money amounts each prefers.

Yes. A tall order. One that most certainly will take the help of the angels. Let’s ask them now.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
We are grateful for your presence. We give thanks for your support and nurturance. Today, we ask for guidance.

Angels of all of us,
We know you are always near and that you know the circumstances and situations of our life. We need not repeat the details. You know them. You witnessed them. You are aware of what is happening in our work life.

We ask for guidance about how to survive and relieve this situation. We ask that you remind us of all the actions we must to do rid ourselves of stress and the ugly thoughts and reactions that occur when humans are overworked and under compensated.  We thank you for these reminders and encouragements.

We ask for support in being kind and compassionate to those who are causing the stressful situations and to all those who are involved in this experience. Help us to respond correctly but pleasantly. Help us to put out the fires instead of expanding them. Help us be the clean, clear waters of peace.

We ask for help in finding work that brings us joy, satisfaction, recognition and the money amounts we prefer. Most of us don’t want to leave our present employer. However, we recognize that this might be necessary. Guide us to the right work environment and work for us. Help us to make good decisions. Help us to let go with ease, doing the least harm possible.

We thank you for helping us meet this challenge and to have serenity. That is, we recognize what we can and cannot change; we do what is necessary for us to be in the flow of love.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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No, the most powerful word

Jan. 19, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I usually don’t get the kind of call I received Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. It was deeply disturbing. As I listened, I had two thoughts:

  • Why is this person telling me this? (Yes. I know. Listening is part of my earthly mission.)
  • And, why did this person remain in this situation?

These were asked on my background thought of “Don’t judge. No opinions needed. You don’t know the total past, the total present or the total future. Be still and listen.”

Later, I received the message from the angels to hand this situation over to God and them. There was nothing I could do.

The Most Powerful Word
It wasn’t the story of abuse and its aftermath that so sadden me as it was the receiver and observer of the abuse done to her children not knowing that she didn’t have to be part of this.

She didn’t know that “No” is the most powerful word in the Universe. She didn’t know that all of us including her, her children and the abuser are destined to be and to live in love and as love.

Mother’s Wisdom
I am very fortunate. The first and last time I came home from school with a bad grade, and when questioned about it, made some remark about doing what my mother did: marry a man and let him take care of me, my mother asked a life changing question, “What are you going to do if he dies or gets sick or is injured and can’t work? You will be responsible for providing for your family. Just how do you intend to do that?”

My mother had the grace and the wisdom to not tell me about spousal abandonment and abuse.

I became focused on doing well in school and learning how to earn money for self and family. Today, I know beyond the merest shadow of a doubt that I will always find a way to bring enough income into my home to spend, save and give. I know who I am, my talents, skills and abilities. This is a blessing for which I give thanks daily.

All people—male, female, young, middle age, old— need this knowledge of self. This knowing is a great blessing. I ask that all of us be given this knowing.

A Greater Wisdom
However, a wisdom greater then my mother’s comes from Conversations with God author, Neale Donald Walsh, “I will love myself enough to remove myself from the situation.”

One look at the world, our community, our family and our self tells us that we don’t know how to love our self. Many of us do the exact opposite of loving the self, we hate.

We simply don’t know how to love our self. That is our first task: to love our self, then and only then can we love others, then and only then can we love God.

So how do we do this, this loving of the self? We ask the angels to tell us, show us and lead us to the situations, people, ideas, information and energy that will cause us to love our self.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
We give thanks that we are connected to you, that we can feel your wings touching us, guiding us, preparing the way for us.

We are grateful that we know that asking questions is the best way to help you understand what’s going on in our human world and the kind of help and support we might require.

So, today, we ask, “What are the ways to love myself? Show me the highest and best ways.”

We, also, ask to immediately recognize love, to freely go to it and remain with it. We ask that love and loving ways becomes our preference and our habit.

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for all the nurturance and support you provide for us. We know that receiving what you give is a form of love. We are appreciative. Thank you.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas
author, teacher, guide

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Love Is My Nature

Jan. 6, 2015

Hi Everyone,

My Nature Is Love

My Nature Is Love


In December, 2014, I published  a West Virginian folk tale about a rattlesnake’s nature which, according to this story, is to strike and kill. (See Start Over )

Using the traditional story teller method of using a story to get a point across, I wanted people to stop and think about the promises given us. Is it the nature of this person, group, or institution to keep its word? Is its word against its nature?

The rattlesnake can promise from here to Kingdom Come that it will not strike and kill; it’s nature will win out over its word every time. In other words, if the promise is contrary to what the promiser does or has done, don’t believe or trust.

In today’s world, if one takes in print or electronic media data, it’s easy to forget that our true nature is to love. We are love. We came from love, and when we leave this present experience we will return to love.

If we so chose, we can live in love right now in our present experience of life. Let’s go to the angels. Let’s ask that we be supported and nurtured as beings of love, living in love, experiencing love right here and right now.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
It is so good to know you are here with us always. I give thanks that we can feel your presence, that some of us can see you in great detail and that others of us catch occasional glimpses. Seeing you doesn’t matter. What matters is that we see the results of your actions on our behalf in the world. For this we give thanks.

Angels, we know that our true nature is love. Love is our nature. Bring us the ideas, information, energy, people and support to let our love nature be the dominate force in our experience.

Help us to consciously make this choice–to allow love to be our first and only choice–in all our doings.

Angels, we thank you.



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