Dealing with Prophecy

Feb. 22, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Wow! Another belief hits the dirt! I got rid of “It’s better to give than to receive”, and now I’m letting go of “Prophecy always comes true.
The first I changed to “I am a fantastic receiver, and I am a fabulous giver”.  The second, I changed to “Prophecies that fit this age come true; all others fade away.”

 Prophecy Defined
The accepted definition is that a prophecy is a declaration made by a prophet and that it is a divinely inspired prediction, instruction or exhortation; therefore, it is from God and has to be honored.  Sometimes this honoring takes the form of deliberating choosing the actions that will force the prophecy to manifest instead of letting life unfold in its usual way.

However, prophecy is also what fortune tellers, psychics and ordinary people like you and I do when we foretell or predict what is to come.

For example, in the last few months, both print and electronic media has predicted over and over that those who are unemployed wouldn’t be able to get paid employment in today’s economy. Some of us believed these statements and have proved them to be correct. Others of us got work and proved the statements to be incorrect.

For example, some of us have family members, even our own parents, predict that we wouldn’t graduate high school. These words, spoken by people we respect and love, are difficult to disobey, but some of us do. We graduate high school; we manage to overturn every negative prediction made to us or about us. We allow these prophecies to become dust.

To Prophesy
To prophesy (-sai) means to foretell. Nearly all groups have some type of prophecy or prediction about the end of times. Almost all of these include mass suffering, famine, drought and war.

My question is, “Why?”  Why are we giving these prophecies attention and energy when we know they can become false?

This question can only be answered with the help of the angels.

Angels of all of us
Angels of all of us,

We are grateful that we know you exist and that your great pleasure is to help us understand and work with the Invisible.

We give thanks that we can sense you around us; we know you are near us always. You never desert or ignore us. For this, we are grateful.

This idea of changing or ignoring prophecy is new for us.  It is, also, a new idea that we can create our own prophecy.

We ask that we become aware of all the many prophecies spoken over and about us. Once we are aware, we ask for guidance in selecting those that offer the highest and best for all.

We ask for courage to turn from those that are negative, destructive and evil, and we ask for the confidence to create prophecies of our own, ones that suit who and what we are at this point in our evolution.

We ask to understand that we human beings have evolved into something grander and more capable than those for whom the ancient prophecies were spoken.  We easily let go of what no longer fits us.

We rejoice in this day and age, in who we are now and in our ability to see a future of growth, joy and harmony.

We give thanks for all that was, is and will be.

And so it is.

Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Love Isn’t Always Soft and Sweet

Feb. 16, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I overheard a conversation about the events unfolding in the Middle East. One of the speakers made the comment that love was the answer.

I wonder if she realizes that love means sending to the Light those who are soul sick as well as  those who have destroyed their souls. No amount of rehabilitation, forgiveness or mercy will cure them.  Only the Light can transform them into love.

I wonder if she knows that justice is the job of the government, that forgiveness is the job of people, and that love is the job of God.

I wonder if she knows that some behaviors are unacceptable period. Over and over again, when we, the world’s people, have buried our heads in the sand instead of facing this fact, situations have gotten worse, instead of disappearing or improving.

It is time we ask the angels for help in knowing that love isn’t always soft and gentle, but includes the tough things like pulling the plug on those who are dead, fighting a war no one but the soul sick or those who have no souls want and sending to the Light those who do the acts the world’s people consider unacceptable.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that we know you exist and are available to us at all times. We give thanks that we can speak with you and get help with any situation we’re facing.

We know that you know what’s happening in our world; we ask for help. We ask for the ideas, information, energy and support to bring about a change.

We’re not certain of the specifics of the change we want to see. Give us a vision of how things could be. Let this vision include details on what each of us is to be and do to bring this vision into physical form.

Let this vision teach us the meaning of love, the love that God has, the love that takes a stand on what is acceptable and what isn’t.

We know that love is harmony, balance, joy and understanding.  We know it’s more equality,  honesty and freedom then is present on our planet at the moment.

We know we are willing to let go of any idea or behavior that would disrupt life. We know that tolerance and acceptance will be part of the vision.


We are so grateful for your support and nurturance.  We give thanks for our vision and for our increased understanding of love.

And so it is.



Barbara S. Lucas, PhD

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Feb.8, 2015

Hi Everyone,

In my soon-to-be released book, Put Hand to Plow, I write about success beliefs. One of the most difficult of these to accept is that we are perfect, just as we are, right here and right now.

Most of us struggle accepting our perfection. We judge ourselves for all the things we do, believe or think that don’t seem just right. We think that God doesn’t approve of us; therefore, God doesn’t approve of our actions.

God is Pleased
The truth is that if God didn’t approve of us, we wouldn’t be here. Unless we have destroyed our soul, or are doing self-destructive acts leading to soul-destruction, God is pleased and delighted with us. God is charmed when we take action to be who we are really, and then act to expand who we are.

The truth is that ‘just not rightness’ and other judgments are caused by The Curse of Sameness and the Comparison Disease. In other words, our thinking tells us that we are perfect, or it tells us that we aren’t.

The Curse of Sameness
The Curse of Sameness is what the 12 Step programs call ‘stinkin thinkin’. The Curse of Sameness causes us to belief that we are all alike, that there are no differences. Nothing can be further from the truth. We were each given a different set of tasks to do during this lifetime and a different bundle of gifts, talents, skills and abilities to use to do those tasks.

The Comparison Disease
The Comparison Disease is another example of ‘stinkin thinkin’. The Comparison Disease causes us to compare what we do, be and have with what others be, do and have, and then find our self to be less than or better than others.

Again, this is far from the truth. Each of us is an equal; we were created by the one God and given the characteristics of God. Like God we are creators and organizers; not on the same scale as God, but creators and organizers none the less.

Perfection Defined
I am perfect when I am being, doing and having God’s ideas for me. Unless, we’ve been unusually influenced by others our ideas are the same as God’s. It can be no other way. God gives us our ideas, even the ideas that are about us.

Due to all of us being bombarded by a constant flow of ideas, we need help in recognizing those that are from God and those that are from other forces and sources. We go to the angels and ask for help in learning how to do this.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are delighted that all of you surround us and are the invisible part of our world. We give thanks that you support, nurture and protect us. It is so fabulous that your beauty, warmth and love are shared with us.

Angels, we recognize that you are of God, the messengers of the Word spoken by God. We are grateful that you deliver and explain these holy words.

Many Words from Many Sources
As you know, we constantly receive many words from many sources; some of these sources are evil and destructive but are clothed in such a way that their true self is concealed. Often we don’t know the source until we are trapped in a self-destructive circumstance.

We asked that you help us develop the ability to know which words, which messages are evil, or are from evil.

We ask that we are protected from receiving these, but we know that evil can con, twist and deceive. Help us be on alert. Help us see beyond the words to the purpose of the speaker and deliverer.

Give us the strength to turn to love and the Light; to hear only true love and the true Light; to see beyond appearances to the core of what is being said and by whom.

Thank you, angels of all of us. We are grateful that you honor our requests.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas

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