Perfection, the enemy of good

March 24, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Wow! What a gorgeous day! Wow! Talk about perfect! This is it.

My latest book, Put Hand to Plow, is available on Amazon It will be offered for free starting April 1 thru April 5, 2015. If you follow my Face Book page about Ask the Angels Coaching, click the ‘Shop Now’ button to get to the Amazon Kindle page.

I took this book down from Kindle three times due to my quest for perfectionism. I had a terrible time with formatting. There are underlines and bolds where I placed none so I took it down, made the corrections, and behold, the unwanted underlines and bolds remain.

Perfection, the enemy of good

So, I remembered the saying of a friend, “Perfection is the enemy of good.” He is an engineer and meant that if we wait for something to be perfect, it may never be; that good is often great, wonderful, awesome and acceptable.

So. I am now at peace with my Kindle offering. The book is packed with information about how to bring forth the desires of your heart. I hope you get a copy, read it and do what it says.

I wonder how much good doesn’t come forth because we are waiting for perfection. Perfection may never come but good is knocking at the door now, is needed now, is ready to come forth now.

Let good come

Take a look at the projects you have on hold because they aren’t perfect. The world is waiting for your good. If it were not, you would not have been given the ideas, information and skills needed to create your project.

Bring your projects into the light where all can see and benefit from them. The world has waited long enough for you to bring forth your good.

Finger Pointer’s

Yes. I know. The finger pointers will be quick to focus on every imperfection. Let them.

Notice that they fail to see the three fingers pointed back at them. Notice that finger pointer’s rarely take risks and, that even though they’ve been given the same as the rest of us—ideas, information, energy, support and nurturance—they rarely solve a problem.


It takes courage to take an idea and shape it into a physical reality. Put Hand to Plow, get what you want was an idea that has taken a year and a half to put into physical reality.

Yes. I wanted to and actually did stop work on it several times. The angels of all of us whispered in my ear “This work is needed now, at this time; when it is perfect it will be too late for it to do the good it is meant to do.”

Let us go the angels of all of us and ask that we be given all the support needed to get our creations out of our mind and into a physical form that all can see and benefit from.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful that we know about you, that we can approach you, that you are all around us and willingly serve us in any way possible.

We give thanks that you are messengers from the Most High and that when we don’t understand the messages sent to us, you easily and quickly explain them.

We are grateful that we know we are revealers of the good and have been given the talents, gifts and skills to do that task.

As we complete our tasks and have a service or product to offer to the world, we can feel you angels gathering around us giving us support and encouragement;

we see the results of you going before us and making our way smooth and straight; we greet those who you’ve sent to help distribute or to use our offerings with gladness; and, we smile when our ears close, refusing to allow us to hear critical, condemning voices.

Thank you, angels of all of us, for supporting us as we bring new good into the world.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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