Dealing with Oppression

April 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

This week a pattern of mine showed up. It seems I have a pattern of being oppressed, and then leaving the situation. I usually suffer great financial loss as a result.

Oppressed means to suffer grave abuse, or injustice at the hands of one in authority. The authority could be a parent, boss, teacher, minister, police officer, politician, or some other person or group.

I suffered injustice at the hands of someone who has authority. I recognized that this very same thing–different place, different folks, slightly different event–happened a number of years ago. I knew that this was a pattern–attracting oppression and then running from it. I want the pattern changed. Better yet, I want the pattern broken and replaced with something nicer.

In the past when something of this nature happened, I would simply go away. I believed that they had the power, and I had none. I had no idea how to fight back and win.


This time, I am angry, so angry that I wish I had studied the Art of War, had attended military college and had the talents of both General Patton and MacArthur.

In fact, I am so angry that I talked with God about needing to see the end of those who’ve oppressed me. I mean end. I want them wiped off the face of the planet.

I find that I am unable to forgive, unable to face the spiritual truth of this situation, and unable to use my considerable knowledge of metaphysics and spiritual law to heal this.

Not Running This Time

In past times, when I faced the oppressor, I was scared, so scared that I turned and ran.  I’m not running this time.

You might be facing a similar situation and having a similar reaction to it. I wonder how much of the unrest in the world is caused by oppressed peoples deciding they will no longer run and hide, but find a way to defeat the oppressor.

By nature, I am not a violent person; most folks aren’t. It doesn’t matter the culture or society, most humans simply want to live in peace and stability.

Working with the angels is the only way to deal with an oppressor, not allow them to win and come out at the end of the battle whole.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We give thanks for your support and nurturance. We are glad that you are around us. We are grateful for your help.

Today, we are in grave trouble. We have had persons we trusted oppress us. They gave no warning, no hint that they were preparing to cut us to ribbons.

We had no idea that they felt the way they said they do about us and our work.

It was a shock to hear such words of condemnation and judgment.

We wonder for how long we have been oppressed, and for how long we’ve been in a hostile environment with hostile authorities.

We feel very much like the Israelites must have felt when they were slaves in Egypt.

We know that in order to not be victims we must look at ourselves and uncover the places where we are the oppressor, and we are the creators of hostile environments.

We ask you angels to help us see these instances and to guide us in healing what we have done and in preventing us doing and being this way now and in the future.

We ask forgiveness from anyone we may have harmed when we were the oppressor.  We forgive ourselves for being this and for not recognizing our actions sooner and bringing forth a positive change.

While we are examining ourselves, we ask for assistance in dealing with those who are oppressing us so that we do not harm our selves or the people we love and, most of all, so that somehow we never again attract oppression or oppressors.

In the past, we have left oppression. If this is the best choice, please guide us away from here and into a place where we are appreciated, valued and accepted.

However, if it is the best choice to remain here, we ask that this time, the oppressors leave. We asked that no matter what we remain calm. We asked that we do not give these oppressors attention or energy of any kind.

Angels, we want this pattern of oppression gone. Once gone, we want a pattern of acceptance, appreciation, clear communication and healthy relationships established.

We know that the best revenge is living longer and living better than the oppressors. We ask for the ideas, information, energy and support that will allow us to do this.

We are grateful for your help and assistance. We give thanks.

We release this Word into the Mind of God, into the action of Universal Law and into the Quantum Field where ideas plus believe plus energy equals the formation of physical reality.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Making Bigger Bread Baskets

April 21, 2015

Hi Everyone,

After thinking about the comments Rose, good tidings angel, made April 17, 2015 on  about human’s needing bigger bread baskets, I finally understand a sermon heard many years ago.

The pastor described God’s blessings as being a gigantic ocean from which all were free to take as much as desired. He explained that it didn’t matter how much any person took because the ocean was huge, and God constantly replenished it so that it was impossible for the Blessing’s Ocean to ever dry up or disappear.

He went on to explain that some people used tiny cups to withdraw from this ocean, some used buckets, some used bath tubs and some used containers like rivers and lakes. Whatever size container a person selected, that’s the amount of blessings they received.

In other words, it is we humans who decide how much we have. We do this when we select the size of our container.

Sometimes, we call those who select really huge containers selfish.

 Selfish People
As you know from reading From Barbara’s Pen published Saturday, April 18, 2015 on Rose’s comments caused my thinking about those folks called selfish to change.

I no longer think of them as selfish but as people who know how to have larger bread baskets/containers then most of us. They, also, know how to maintain and expand their containers.

My recall of the pastor’s talk has caused me to decide to enlarge the size of some of my containers.

Not all because, at the moment, I am content with most of my life.

Yes. I know. I made a statement in my book, Put Hand to Plow, that “It isn’t change, it’s changes, plural, meaning plenty”.

As I bring forth larger bread baskets/containers and use them to withdraw larger amounts of God’s blessings from the Blessings Ocean, I am prepared to have both expected and unexpected changes show up. That’s okay. With the help of the angels, I can handle change. So can you.

I invite each of you to select an area of your life where receiving more blessings would be very helpful. I invite you to decide to expand the size of the container you’re using to claim and receive blessings in this area.

For example, you might decide to expand the container that brings you physical health, or you may choose to expand the container for friendships, or you could select a larger container for receiving housing blessings.

Those of you who are familiar with the creative process that I explained in Put Hand to Plow know that working with the Law of Mental Equivalence and the Law of Congruency is needed to get this task done.

Since none of this is as easy as it sounds, we go to the angels for help.

Angels of All of Us

We give thanks for your presence and for your work on our behalf.

We are so very grateful for the information that tells us that we can have what those we call selfish have.

It is a relief to realize that they are not at fault for our lack, but we are. It is so awesome to realize that we can fix this; we can eliminate the lack by being open to receiving more of God’s blessings.

It is so fantastic to understand that God isn’t withholding from us, that it is we who are holding back from receiving. We have limited the size and the number of our bread baskets. We go to the Blessings Ocean with small containers.

As of right here and right now, we let go of our small containers. We form images of much larger ones. Our images are very clear: our containers are very, very large. We easily double the number of containers we possess.

We go to the Blessing’s Ocean and hold out all of our containers. We absolutely know and expect our containers to rapidly fill, and then overflow with God’s blessings. This was promised long ago, that our cups would run over.  We claim that promise now.

Angels of all of us,
As we do the work of imaging bigger and more containers, we know that you are with us and that you provide ideas, information and the energy to do this work.

We feel your presence, your protection, your support and your nurturance.

We hear you whisper, “All is well. Continue. Continue. Grow. Evolve. Expand. All is well.”  It is so fabulous to hear you, to know that you are right here with us.

Wow! How great it is to grow in the presence of those who serve God.

How awesome to stand holding our bread baskets out, watching them fill, seeing them overflow.

How fantastic to live in overflow!  How even more fabulous to understand that living with overflow is what God meant for us to do!

Thank you, angels of all of us. Thank you. What an amazing experience! Thank you for helping us to become greater than what we were.

And so it is.

Blessed be,


Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Thank you

April 13, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for downloading Put Hand to Plow, get what you want. I deeply appreciate and value your answer to my call to action. Thank you.

Now that you have a copy of the book, it is my hope that you will read it; put the information to use; and gain mightily from so doing.

Let’s ask the angels of all of us for support in accomplishing this.

Angels of All of Us


We are so grateful that we know you exist. We give thanks that you give us support and nurturance, ideas and information daily.

We know that you support us in getting what we want. We are grateful that we now have a system for bringing forth the desires of our heart.

We give thanks that guidance on how to use this system, the creative process, effectively, continuously comes to us.

We give thanks for a deeper understanding of universal law.

We are grateful that we are becoming fantastic receivers and fabulous givers.

We take time to celebrate and rejoice in our getting and our giving.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD