May 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

A friend has re entered a deep state of depression. She is almost lifeless, unable to leave her bed. I was shocked to see her in such condition.

Lesli is a gifted healer. She and I have attended many trainings together and have studied under many of the same teachers.

I know that she knows how to heal others and herself. She practices good health. So. What happened?

The Choice
Lesli’s first bout with severe depression happened when her husband died. She didn’t leave her bed for three whole years after his passing.

She finally went to a medical doctor and got a prescription, actually took it and so greatly improved that she resumed her healing consulting practice.

She was doing great, so great that she stopped taking the medicine, and the result is what we have today: a gifted healer, a fabulous human being, who hasn’t the energy to do anything but stare into space.

The Misunderstanding
Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science/Science of the Mind, said that someday medicine and spirituality would walk hand-in-hand, that they are both from God and are meant to work as a cooperative whole.

That day is now. It has taken me nearly a lifetime to go to the medical people and the spiritual/energy healers without feeling guilt or feeling that I am betraying someone.

I have stopped feeling ashamed and like a failure when spiritual practice appears to not produce the result I’m after.

Lesli hasn’t learned to do this yet. She felt that she was being bad and doing something wrong by taking the medicine. She believed that she wasn’t practicing what she preached; that she wasn’t setting a good example. So, she stopped taking the meds, and we have the result: a gifted healer unable to guide others to their healing.

The Solution
I go to the medical doctors. I listen to what they say, do what they say unless my body or guidance tells me otherwise. And, while doing this, I go to my spiritual/energy healers. Again, I listen to my body and my guidance. I observe the results being produced.

The key to walking hand-in-hand with medical science and spirituality is being connected to your own guidance and to your own body.  Listen and observe. Be inclusive rather than exclusive. Know your boundaries. Know what you’re willing to do and what you’re not.

For example, I refuse to take any drug or do any action that interferes with my thinking.

For example, when I was young, a doctor wanted to cut off one of my fingers because it had a small infection. I refused to allow it. I played piano at the time and would rather die then give that up. I no longer play, but I have all my fingers.

The problem is knowing when to walk away from the healers—medical, spiritual, energy or others—and when to do exactly what they say.

For this knowing, we go to the angels of all of us.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that you have made yourselves known to us. We are thankful for your guidance, nurturance and support. We value the information, ideas and energy you bring to us.

Thank you for letting us see glimpses of you, for allowing us to sense your presence and to feel you touching our body. It is so reassuring to have this connection.

Today we are seeking to understand the best practice for maintaining and renewing health.
We seek to increase our hearing of the signals sent by our bodies, minds and spirits.  We want to understand these signals and to know how to respond to them. We want to trust what we are hearing and feeling.

But, most of all, we simply want to know the best way to keep us as healthy, whole beings who enjoy robust health and all the elements of that condition.

We are open to receiving messages from you about what to do and what to avoid. We are willing to develop a good health practice for we know that what we practice is what we have.

We are willing to at least listen and observe new ideas and new information. We are willing to include ideas from other practices that produce good health.

We know that our willingness opens the channel for ideas and information to come forth. We are willing for you to be the gate keeper and filter out before it reaches us worthless and harmful information.

We give thanks for all that you do for us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
And so it is.

Peace to all,


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Ask the Angels Coach and Start Over Consultant

Due to some recent events in my life, I’m again blogging Start Over Success  information at http://startoverconsulting.net/

Please check out https://www.facebook.com/asktheangelscoaching for images about Ask the Angels Coaching



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