Choosing Leadership

Hello Everyone,

What if the solution to the world’s problems is for leaders and followers to exchange roles? That is, followers become leaders; leaders become followers.

Until recently, the strategy was for most of the world’s people to be followers.

This was fine with us followers. We would rather do what we do than be burdened with all the tasks leaders must do.

However, many followers are looking down the road to the place where current leaders are taking us and saying, “Ahha. I don’t think so.”

 The Follower’s Job

We did our job as followers: we carefully selected the leaders who seemed to know what to do to bring us the elements of life we prefer. We gave them the support they demanded, and then went on our way hoping that somehow, someway we would get what we wanted.

This strategy isn’t working. Most followers aren’t getting their preferences and requirements.

What if we did something new? What if today’s followers became leaders?

All of us. Right now.

What if we took whatever leadership roles required to bring forth the newness we desire?

What if we stopped waiting for others to do something, but, instead, we became decision makers about what to do, when and where and how?

Becoming a Leader

Oh, I don’t mean nationally or internationally, but what if in our communities and families instead of playing the role of follower, we adopted the role of leader?

What would our life look like if we made the change?

This is such a new idea for me that I don’t know what to image, but I know a group of people who does: the angels. I’m asking the angels to show us and guide us.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that you are part of our life. We are thankful for your guidance, support and protection. We give thanks each time we see a glimpse of you or feel your presence.

Angels, we are simply so very grateful for your being here.

Thank you for the new idea of stepping out of our role as followers and into a role of leadership.

Today, we consider that change.

Until now, we have been content with being a follower. We have done the work of follower with ease. Now, however, we are considering a change.

We are giving serious thought to being a leader, to adopting a leadership role.

Not only do we not know how to do this, we don’t know if this is wise. After all, most humans are followers. Yet, here we are considering a change.

The Trimmings of Leadership

At the moment, we’re not focused on the trimmings of leadership: the money, the attention, the possessions, the relationships; rather we are concerned about the tasks of leadership, about what goes on behind closed doors, about the deal making and about the world view that leaders must have to be effective.

Our real concern is not the name we are called or the role we play, but the results we bring forth. Our main question “Is being a leader the best way to bring forth our preferences?” gets answered.

We are grateful for all the insight you bring to us. We are thankful that we are led to the change that is best for us.

We are grateful that no matter which role we play—follower or leader—your guidance, nurturance and support helps us be the best.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD


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