New Ventures

June 22, 2015

Hi Everyone,

As much as the mind hates change, there comes this day when we come face-to-face with what’s not working.

We can use all kinds of excuses and do self-blame and punishment to explain the cause: I should have _____; I didn’t _______. The cause doesn’t matter.

Even after pinpointing the exact cause, the fact and truth remains: what we have put much time, thought, money and energy into isn’t producing the result we desire.

Point blank: it’s time to say good-bye to whatever it is we’ve been doing.

Not Easy
Not an easy decision.

We keep remembering Thomas Edison, the American inventor, and his thousands of attempts to invent a certain kind of light bulb before he actually brought forth what he wanted.

It’s true; sometimes we should simply keep on keeping on, and sometimes not. For some of us, it’s time to let go, face facts and move on.

For example, it’s time to move on if the promised raise doesn’t show up, or the bully boss continues to be exactly that, or the verbal abuse from a “friend” continues, or the product that has taken heart and soul still isn’t selling after months and months of effort, or, we believed what some sales person said about having an online business or rental property or whatever the scam-of-the-moment is, purchased it and have discovered that it isn’t quick, easy money.

First Step
The first step in leaving is not a physical move. The first step is to go to the angels and ask for help in letting go and in designing what will take the place of what we’re letting go.

Remember the Law of the Vacuum. If we don’t select and have ready what is going into the space we’re emptying, the same thing will re appear and re fill the space.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are so grateful that you are some piece of our life. We are thankful for the glimpses we get of you and for the daily confirmations of your existence.

We are simply so very relieved that we aren’t alone, that there is someone who cares about us and who willingly offers guidance.

Today, we seek guidance on knowing when to let go of what isn’t bringing us what we desired.

For some of us, what we must let go of is a relationship, for other’s it’s a job, maybe even a career, for some it’s a project or venture into which we have poured much effort, time and money.

All of us who are considering letting go of something are in the process of awakening to the truth of what’s really going on.

We ask for help in understanding what we are observing and how we are feeling. We want to know do we simply need rest, or do we need radical change like a new life.

We asked that the truth of our situations and circumstances be revealed to us.

We asked to be guided to good decision-making.

If it’s time to let go, we ask that we do so with grace and humility.

Most important of all, when and if we let go, we ask for guidance on what to select to fill this space that will bring us our desire. Usually, when we let go of something major like a relationship, it means a new life.

Help us design a life that brings us health, prosperity, love, satisfaction and happiness.  Have us design a life that restores, renews and rejuvenates us. Lead us to the path that is the correct one for us, even if it’s a path we have often rejected before now.

We give continual thanks for your help, support and nurturance.

Thank you, angels of all of us.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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