July 27, 2015
Hi Everyone,
As I wrote in my BarbaraSLucas.com Soul Colors Painted blog, opportunity came knocking, I answered, opened the door, and, as a result:

• I will be on Power Talk with Jean Adrienne this coming Thursday, July 30, at 4 p.m. EST. This takes place on   HealthyLife.net
• I wrote and self-published Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how
• And, you have the opportunity to get a free copy of that book starting this coming Friday, July 31, 2015 until Tuesday, Aug. 4 from Amazon Kindle.com.

The real opportunity is to learn about two healing techniques:
InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy Process
• And, the Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how technique. Paint Your Soul Colors to get a clear image of who you are really: unique, fantastic, beautiful, whole and perfect. Once you see this, no one can, ever again, enslave, bully or control you.
Get the book, Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how. Do what it says. Experience radical self-acceptance.

Angels of All of Us Benediction
May the angels of all of us bring us many opportunities. May they clearly guide us on which ones to open to and which ones to let flow past us.

May we forever be aware of our angels and the ideas, information, support and nurturance they bring.

May we forever and always give thanks for their willingness to be our helpers.
And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted
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July 19, 2015
Hi Everyone,
I’ve spent the last several weeks writing, self-publishing and preparing to promote my fourth book: Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how.

It’s available now on Amazon Kindle Books.com and will be on free promotion July 31 to Aug. 4.

I hadn’t planned to write this particular book. The truth is I had decided to stop writing and self-publishing; there is so little money profit in so doing.

Personal Mission
However, part of my mission is to identify, explain and distribute information about easy-to-do, low-cost techniques that help us heal our self.

Intuitive painting, what Paint Your Soul Colors is about, is not easy, nor is it cheap, but doing this type of painting helps us heal and is doable. So, I wrote the book.

Personal Message
After publishing the book, I got a message from the angels that I want to give to everyone: all of us were given the anointing of being the best we can be, but, in order to claim that anointing, we must yield to it.

Yielding means we must do the work—whatever tasks need to be done for the anointing to come forth.

For me, yielding means the work of writing, publishing and promoting. For you, yielding probably means something else.

Let us thank the angels for this information.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
As always, I am so very grateful that I know you exist and that I can come to you for help about anything.

I am equally grateful that you come to me without waiting for me to ask.

I have easy access to information, tools and supplies. I live in an ever-flowing current of abundance and all good. For that I give thanks.

I am grateful for the recent message that explains that the anointing of being the best was given to all and that the key to claiming this anointing is to yield to it.

Yield means we do the work and the actions required to be the best.

I give thanks that I now know this.

I am grateful for the support of the angels in everything I do including yielding.
And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted

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Age of Aquarius

July 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Susanna called. She’s 85. She’s called to discover how to get back on her path.

She said, “The problem is that at my stage of life there’s little guidance on what to do. The world is so very different now and seems to be changing more and more each day. I feel so lost.”

No matter our age or stage, many of us feel this way.

You see, we are several years into the Age of Aquarius. This past year, much has come forth to be healed and released, or to be healed and incorporated into this age.

We have all witnessed the break-down of old structures and the evaporation of old boundaries. At the moment, this appears to be never-ending.

No wonder we feel lost.

However, we can’t let this feeling and what’s happening prevent us from what we are called to do:

  • We are each called to fully participate in this new phase of human evolution, or what is called the human unfoldment.
  • We are called to be leaders, to show how to do the enter-a-new-age work with grace and ease.
  • We are, also, called to be our real, authentic self. In this next year or so, each of us is called to allow who we are really to come forth.

When this self comes forth, we are asked to embrace it, honor it, support it and celebrate it.

So. How do we do this? How do we navigate our way through this unfoldment, this enter-a-new-age work? How do we lead? How do we allow our authentic self to come forth and unfold?

The Steps

We do all of this by:

  • Giving our self permission to stumble because we will. As old structures crumble before something new is present to take its place, there is little to hold onto and even less to stop our stumble.
  • Becoming minimalist. We let go of anything and everything that seems burdensome or is difficult to carry. Let go of that which takes too much space as well as that which is no longer useful. This includes beliefs, habits, relationships as well as physical possessions.
  • Allowing what is true for us to come forth. When our authentic self shows up, we honor and value it. We make boundaries and build structures that support and nurture our true self.
  • Going to the angels. We ask for and receive guidance, information, ideas, support, nurturance, energy and protection. All of these are very much needed as we do our part to make this new age to be as beautiful and wonderful as has been promised. Let us go to the angels now.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that you not only exist but that you make your presence known to us.

We are charmed and delighted when we feel your presence, or hear your whispers, or see glimpses of you. It is such a relief to have you here with us. Thank you for your presence.

It is, also, a relief to acknowledge that we have help. We know that you angels willingly guide us to what we must know and do to have our best life ever.

At this moment, we are completing the past, doing any grieving this creates and then embracing our entrance into this new Age.

We have moved into the Age of Aquarius. We did this December 2012. We entered this Age, and then realized that much of the old can’t come with us.

Now there is all kinds of uproar as what is hidden, what no longer works, what doesn’t belong in this Age comes up for healing.

We are to either heal and release, or heal and take with us.

As this uproar is dealt with and what was familiar disappears, we asked that you guide us to the information, ideas, beliefs, structures and boundaries that do belong in the Age of Aquarius.

We ask that your calmness be ours, that your balance and stability be ours, and that ease and joy flow in, as and around us.

We ask that we do the work of entering this new Age with grace, ease and thanksgiving.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

Ask the Angels Coach

Soul Colors Painted intuitive

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