Healing anger

Oct. 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I am amazed at how much stuff one little infection brings up to be healed!

I teach bringing the invisible into the visible by using intuitive painting as a self-help healing tool. Once something is seen and is brought into the light, what it is and its impact changes.

So, naturally, as a practitioner of what I teach, I painted the rib nerve infection that I told you about in last blog (http://asktheangelscoaching.com/.

As a result, all kinds of stuff is showing up to be healed. Wow!

The Painting
See the painting here: BarbaraSLucas.com Find it under blog posts on the left, Painting Infection, Sept. 28, 2015.

It is an amazing painting. The web photo doesn’t fully reveal its magnificence.

The painting forces me to see the beauty of the infection, and I’m, also, forced to see how very irritated, annoyed and angry I am.

And, I see how much of this is a repeat: the same type of event triggers the same type of emotion. I can no longer dismiss or stuff or cover over this chain reaction.

So. What is to be done? What strategies, in addition to those identified in last week’s blog, can be employed?

There is this thought: change the irritation or anger or annoyance by simply choosing to stop being irritated, angry or annoyed. In other words, to simply accept the person and whatever it is they’re doing. As we all know, easier said than done.

I’m certain that I cannot do this at this time.

However, I can stop choosing to call myself bad for being irritated; I can stop judging anger and annoyance as lower-self behaviors; and, I can focus on the opposites of these emotions.

For example, the opposite of anger is passion, of irritation is letting go, and of annoyance is delight.

So when I get angry I could ask, “What am I passionate about?”; when I feel irritated, I could ask, “What do I need to examine and perhaps let go of?”; and when I feel annoyed, I could ask, “What about this can be changed to something enjoyable and perhaps even fun? What is the humor in this situation?”

 None of this is easy or simple. So, of course, we go to our angels for help, guidance and support.

Angels of all of us
Angels of all of us,

We recognize that you exist, that you are messengers from God and supporters, nurturers and protectors of all of us.

Today, we are reminded of the stories of how great numbers of you gathered on the hilltops and surrounded human armies intent on doing harm. We pull in strength and courage from those stories.

Our response is to lift our eyes from the situation and find you and your help and guidance.

Just knowing that your wings surround us is enough to cause us to sigh with relief and accept the peace that comes with you.

Today, our concern is how we have allowed the many forms anger takes to negatively affect our bodies, minds and spirits.

We understand that anger is part of us. It is harder for us to accept anger as part of the perfection of who we are and not something to get rid of but to pay attention to.

We judge ourselves as bad for having this emotion instead of celebrating and rejoicing in our passion.

We ask for guidance for dealing with anger and all its manifestations. We ask for the ideas, information, energy and support that will allow us to see anger in a constructive light.

We ask that we be taught how to take anger and its causes into our hearts so that we see and feel it as something positive and uplifting, and, so that our response is one of peace.

We know, beyond the mere shadow of a doubt, that it is possible to bring the anger from our low self into our high self and transform it into something useful and positive.

We give thanks for your help in bringing about this change.
And, so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted and Ask the Angels Coach

Barbaraslucas.com (soul colors painted)


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