Going into the Unknown

Oct 12, 2015

Hi Everyone,

It’s Columbus Day here in the US of A. This is the day Christopher Columbus is given the credit for discovering the new world. This is the day that causes me to think of all those people, like Columbus,  who have ventured into the unknown and the obstacles they faced.

Some of these ventures resulted in the polio vaccine, some resulted in a walk on the moon, some resulted in the finding of a new land called America and some simply paved the way for someone else to continue the venture.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a venture into the unknown is required; not the kind that leads to awesome world-needed discoveries; more like the kind leads to a better personal life.

I’m taking the first step into my unknown today; and, I know I need the help of the angels. There’s no way I can manage this on my own.

Angels of All of Us

Mother/Father God and Angels of All of Us,

We give thanks that we know you exist. Many in the world do not know.

We are grateful that we know you will never abandon, forsake, punish or deny us. We are not on the outside of Heaven looking in, we are in Heaven right here and right now. We have our being, our doing, our breathing and our moving in Heaven, the energy field of Mother/Father God.

We rejoice and give thanks for all you do for us, for every idea, information, energy, support and protection provided by you.

Today, I take my first step into the unknown. I do so recognizing that this must be done. I know that already, at this very moment, the forces of Heaven are surrounding me, supplying me with all that is required for this journey.

I give thanks and many, many sighs of gratitude. I know beyond the merest shadow of a doubt that I am well-supplied; I want for nothing.

I know from my work as intuitive painter of Soul Colors Painted that letting go brings the new and the better so I turn from my known and firmly take my first steps into the unknown. My expectation for great results to come forth is high.

I take these first steps slowly, very slowly. As I walk, I quietly make a detailed picture of what I want to appear as a result of this venture into the unknown.

I know exactly what I want to become known. Least I forget, I write this down, and I state my willingness to become aware of better, more satisfying results.

This venture may not be easy or quick; such journeys seldom are. I go forth knowing that all is well and will continue to be so.

I give thanks that I am surrounded and uplifted by the angels of all of us and by the loving kindness of Mother/Father God.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

Soul Colors Painted and Ask the Angels Coach



Find inspiration, information and motivation at https://www.facebook.com/asktheangelscoaching




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