Let Go and Prepare

Jan. 25, 2016

Hi Everyone,

What is the one thing people forget to do when asking to receive?

They forget to make room for it! And, they forget to prepare for it!

Letting Go
In order to receive the new, one must let go of the old. Sometimes, that’s very easy to do.

We want new shoes so we give away a pair that we’re no longer using; and, sometimes, it’s very difficult: we have to let go of a hurt or forgive a wrong that was done to us.

However, if we want the new, we have to make space for it so we really have no choice but to let go of the past. We, also, have to prepare for this newness.

Preparing for the new can be fun and easy. Think of all the preparation parents-to-be do in order to welcome their new child into their world.

And, preparation can be very difficult. Think of the preparation that goes into getting a new career, or, the effort that goes into starting a new business.

Little to nothing happens by a mere snap of the fingers; there’s usually lots of thought, effort and decision making to do.

It helps to have a guide. Sometimes, it’s easy to know what to let go; sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, it’s easy to know how to prepare for this newness we’re seeking; sometimes it’s not.

I go to the angels when I need guidance. You can do!

Always remember that there is a power for good in the Universe, and everyone can use it.

Angels of all of us
Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that we know of your existence and the existence of the power for good, Mother/Father God.

We are filled with gratitude that this power is available to everyone and that no one is denied the use of this power.

So, today, we know we will be told and come to know exactly what to let go of as we reach for our desired newness.

We eagerly prepare space and make room for this new thing we expect. In fact, we purposefully leave empty spaces in our homes and environments so that there is always space for a newness.

We enthusiastically keep our things, our minds and our life in order so that newness can find a space and knows it is welcome.

We are told how to prepare for our desired newness. Whatever we must do is made clear to us.

The preparation can be something simple like re arranging furniture, or something more complex like getting an appointment with a medical doctor.

We are very clear about preparation and do the needed tasks with ease and joy.

We know every detail of what must be done to receive the newness we desire. We are grateful for this knowing.

We thank each and every angel who works with us. We know we are surrounded by you angels. We may not be able to see you, but we can sense you. For this we are grateful.

And so it is.

And, in my acceptance of the Christmas Challenge I gave,

You are perfect just the way you are, and I love you.

 Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD
BarbaraSLucas.com and Ask the Angels Coaching

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Please notice that the Ho’oponopono Worksheet has its own easy-to-download, print and use space. Enjoy! Please use.




Heal Financial Frustration

Jan. 20, 2016

Hi Everyone,

How is financial frustration healed? What do we do for our self and for others who’ve worked hard, done everything the financial experts said to do and still remain outside the flow of all good?

The Call
I received a call from a very angry, frightened and upset middle-age man today. The man threatened to destroy his city because he felt that he wasn’t getting help to make his business financially successful.

When he stopped talking about the military, bombs and getting even, he admitted that he loved his people, and he wanted to help them and his city greatly improve their economy.

Ho’oponopono the Answer
When I asked the Universe what to do, Ho’oponopono Clearing was the answer. It is a healing technique that can be done long-distance, without the person’s knowing or having to get permission to act on their behalf.

Go to the Ho’oponopono Clearing section of this blog and download the worksheet.

On the white space near the chant draw a stick figure. Label it “the caller”. The Universe will know who we mean. When you say the words, look at the figure.

On the first line where it says “write the problem here, write “financial failure”.

Now repeat the chant for 15 minutes. When you get to the “clean, clean, clean” part, pretend the man has his spine in front of you. Place your hands on either side of his spine and move outward. When you get to the “erase, erase, erase” pretend that you are making circles on the part of the man’s back that would be his scapula’s and rib cage.

At the end of 15 minutes, for the next five minutes, repeat the part that says, “Into this cleansed space, I now place: peace, ease, love, joy and solutions”.

End with “And so it is”.

Do the same thing for yourself. Do this every day for a week. Draw a stick figure to represent you. Write your name under the figure.

Please send an email telling me the results you get.

In the spirit of the Christmas Challenge:

You are perfect just the way you are, and I love you.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD



Jan. 11, 2016

Hi everyone,
As you know, I led the Visioning Process Sunday Jan. 3 at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.

It took over four hours to accomplish this process.

I have parts of this process on this web site now–The Burning Bowl Ceremony and Ho’oponopono; I will put the entire process on this site this coming weekend.

What to Vision for
We vision to know Mother/Father God’s idea for the issue at hand. We visualize to make clear our personal idea for the same issue.

In order to see the way forward about a circumstance or situation, it’s necessary to do both visioning and visualization which is why the process I teach takes so much time.

Before any of this—visioning or visualization—can take place, there has to be absolute clarity about the problem one wants resolved.

The easiest way to get that clarity is to ask for it. Those who follow this blog know we go to the angels, and we go to Mother/Father God with our concerns.

Angels of All of Us
Angles of all of us,

We are grateful that you exist and that you work with us. We give thanks to Mother/Father God that the connection and communication between you, the angels, and us, the humans, is clear and strong.

We give thanks for all the ideas, information and energy that has come from you to us. We are grateful for your protection, support and nurturance.

Knowing that you are always with us, that we are never alone makes our day happy and easy. We give thanks for this.

We are grateful that we know there is a power for good in the universe, and, most fantastic of all, is that we can use this power to bring good into our own life.

Today, we know the circumstances, situations and concerns of our life. We are absolutely clear about what troubles us.

And, most fabulous of all, we call upon this power for good, to change what troubles us into good.

We know that part of this change is us doing the work of visioning. Therefore we do that work with joy, with gratitude, with expectation and with knowing that all is well and continues to be so.

Wow! What a fabulous place this Universe is.

And so it is.

You are perfect just the way you are, and I love you.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD
BarbaraSLucas.com and Ask the Angels Coaching

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Most Sundays find me at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.


Burning Bowl Ceremony

Jan. 7, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I just added information about the Burning Bowl Ceremony to this blog.

In view of the message I received about putting our Self first and taking care of health before we do anything else, this ritual might be very beneficial.

Please read and consider.

As always, if there are questions, please email.

You are perfect just the way you are and I love you.


BarbaraSLucas.com and Ask the Angels Coaching

Check out https://www.facebook.com/asktheangelscoaching

Check out https://www.facebook.com/asktheangelscoaching



Most Sundays find me at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.



Health Message

Jan. 5, 2016

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I get messages from the angels. Sometimes, I tell you directly that I received a message; most of the time I tell you through this blog that such and such information arrived.

Yesterday’s message is meant for the majority of us. Here it is:

“Many of us have put everything in our life–our mission, our causes, our families and our communities–first place in our life.

For 2016, those of us who do this, including me, need to make what is going to be a radical change: we must put our self first. We must take the actions that improve and maintain our personal health and our personal energy.

We must set boundaries that preserve our physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health.

We must learn to use the “no” word and use it often.”

I was, also, told that this is necessary because 2016 is going to be a year of lots of pushing and shoving.  Many of us are going to have a difficult time standing our ground. We will need good health to keep our balance and our focus during 2016.

I wasn’t given details about the pushing and shoving.

So. Take a look at your health practices. Notice what has to be added or subtracted from your life. Ask the angels for help. Ask Mother/Father God for help. You’ll receive it.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Ask the Angels Coach