Don’t Open the Door

May 11, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible that we are the ones who let evil into our life? Is it possible that we often not only open the door, but hold it wide open, inviting evil to enter?

On one of the last calls I answered for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a taxpayer asked if the IRS still took paper tax returns. She explained that she refused to use the electronic method of filing a tax return because electronics seem to make it easier for evil people to get into a person’s financial life and do all kinds of bad things.

The taxpayer said, “If I don’t open the door, evil can’t come in.”

What wisdom!

Evil in the mail
A few days before I took this call, someone explained that we let evil into our life when we answered the mail that comes to our homes and businesses requesting money. The purpose of the money doesn’t matter; most of us have no way of checking the legitimacy of these requests, nor do we know how much of our financial gift actually goes toward its stated purpose and how much goes into the overflowing pockets of the organizers of the mail requests for money.

I no longer open such requests; every letter goes straight into the trash.

If I don’t respond to the letter, evil dies.

Evil via phone and internet
Most of us have wised up to requests for money via the telephone and the internet. I hang up on telephone requests and delete emails requesting money.

I even deleted the requests the email-hacker-of-my-main-email-account made to me to send money to me.

If I refuse to listen, refuse to respond, if I close the door, evil can’t survive. Evil has to have an audience. Evil feeds off of our response. No response, no food, evil dies.

Evil via others
Perhaps the greatest way we let evil in is when we allow the words of others to pull us down, to control and manipulate us.

Most of us tell the truth and do the right thing so consistently that we forget that others may not.

We hear others brag about how they do or did such and such, and we wonder how they got away with whatever they said or did. Worse, we question our own way of doing and acting; we think they are right and we are wrong.

This is especially true when we see bad behavior being rewarded.

If I know who I am–a spiritual being created in the image of God with the same qualities of goodness and greatness as Mother/Father God has–, and I stay true to who I am, then I don’t respond to evil; I don’t feed it; I not in its audience; I don’t open the door to it and it will die.

Evil has to have an audience.

Ask the Angels
I do not always recognize evil when it appears. It knows exactly how to appear and what to say to gain entrance into my life, and into yours, too. No one is safe; to think otherwise is to welcome evil in.

What I do know is to Ask the Angels of All of Us to teach us how to instantly sense evil, and then to teach us how to send evil back to the nothingness from which it came.

I make this request now.

I know that as I speak these words, it is done. From this moment on, I instantly sense the presence of evil and I instantly send it back to the nothingness from which it came to be transformed into something useful and good.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD and Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia

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