When Prayer Doesn’t Work: pt 4 Write a New Story

July 12, 2016

Hi Everyone,

What stories do you habitually tell? Are they stories of lack, pain and struggle, or, are they stories of easy, joy and having more than enough of all good things, circumstances and situations?

If your prayer isn’t working, perhaps the reason is that you are telling the same old story.  Until someone challenged me with the above statements, I had no idea that my life was constantly repeating the stories of my family’s struggles, pain and poverty.

And, when I reviewed the history of my country and of our planet, I discovered the same thing: for many, many, many centuries we humans have repeated stories of economic recessions and depressions, of betrayals and defeats, of starvation and slavery. We have been actors in these stories. We know these stories by heart.

There are very few stories of joy, ease and plenty.

So, perhaps our prayer isn’t answered because we are insisting on repeating the old, old story: the one that celebrates pain, lack and struggle.

I suggest that all of us turn from these old stories and write new ones: stories that celebrate ease, joy and living in the overflow of more than enough of everything good.

Writing these new stories is easy; acting them out won’t be. You see, pain, lack and struggle is our habit. Destroying a habit that is many centuries old won’t be easy, but it’s doable.

We can do this. In fact, to bring about any change we must.

Many of you when I wrote about the Law of Congruence and that our conscious and subconscious mind must have the same image, the same blueprint of what is desired, wondered how to change subconscious mind.

We change it by giving it new images, new blueprints and new stories. We practice the Law of Repetition and repeat these newness’s daily. Experts say that we must repeat them for at least 20 minutes a day.

Eventually, our subconscious mind will accept our new stories, our stories of ease, joy and more than enough.

For an example of a new story, click here New Stories.

When we decide to change from the lessons of pain, lack and struggle—after all these centuries, surely we humans have learned these lessons—and go to the lessons of ease, joy and more than enough, we ask the angels for help.

We ask them to quickly tell us when we are repeating stories of pain, lack and struggle.

We ask the angels of all of us to cause us to turn from these stories to the new ones, the ones that have us act out ease, joy and having more than enough of all things good.

We ask the angels to help us learn the lessons of ease, joy and plenty.

We give thanks for the old stories. We tell these stories that they have served their purpose and it is time to go rest.

We thank the new stories, the ones of ease, joy and plenty, for appearing, for being patient with us as we learn their lessons.

We thank the angels for guiding and supporting us as we turn from old habits—pain is a habit, lack is a habit, struggle is a habit—and embrace the new habits—the ones of joy, ease and plenty.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

BarbaraSLucas.com and Ask the Angels Coaching.net


On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


3 thoughts on “When Prayer Doesn’t Work: pt 4 Write a New Story

    • Hi,
      Part 3 was done June 27. It’s about the role intention plays. If you can’t find it let me know. I can email you a copy.
      Thanks for appreciating the blog.

  1. Beautiful post, Barbara!
    We can stay in the past or create something better for now & the future.
    It does take effort to catch yourself when you’re repeating old stories, but changing can happen.
    With love, Emma.

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