The Mystic’s Tool Bag: channeling

Aug. 30, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Wow! A Mystic’s Tool Bag? What’s that? Why would I want one?

A mystic is someone who has a sense of awe about life, who believes it’s possible to gain access to spiritual beings and their support, and, who believes in magic.

Everyone has a tool bag. We each have techniques, strategies and procedures that we use to maintain our lifestyle, to solve problems and that help us reach goals.

Even though mystics appear to be really different from the rest of us, they have their tools, too.


One of their tools is the one mystics use each morning and, at any time during the day when they so desire or so need.

Mystics start their day by channeling the energy of the Universe. You can, too.

Here’s how:

  • Go to a place where you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes or so
  • Once in this space, get comfortable: sit, stand, lay down, doesn’t matter, just be comfortable and at ease
  • Starting at the top of your head, take your hands and pretend to pull about your skull, then your forehead, your neck, your chest, your abdomen area.  While you are doing this where you can reach, pretend that you are, also, opening the back of these areas. Do this to open your chakras.

Chakras are the spiritual centers of the body. Find out more here.

  • See a white-yellow-silver stream of light entering your skull and flowing down through your body connecting you to the earth.
  • As this light flows through you, see and feel it restoring, rejuvenating, renewing and recreating your physical, mental and emotional bodies.
  • See and feel this light flooding your system with joy, love, peace and ease.
  • See and feel this light flowing from your system flooding your space and the areas next to your space with joy, love, peace and ease.
  • Watch as this light continues spreading from you and your space out into the entire planet, restoring, rejuvenating, renewing, recreating everything and everyone.
  • Feel the joy, love, peace and ease it deposits as it does this.

Take this feeling with you as you go about your day.

Congratulations! You’ve now experienced one of the most important tools of the mystic: channeling energy at will.

Practice this daily. Eventually it will become part of personal tool bag.

Rev. Barbara and Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


Heal Terrorism: Go Within

Aug. 1, 2016

Hi Everyone,

How does one heal the anger and fear that results in terrorism? For that matter, how does one heal anger and fear?

I sent a link last week to Jennifer Handley’s class on Heal the Terrorist Within. Jennifer Handley is a Course in Miracles master.

I hope that many of you listened to and gained insight from that class.

Anger Is

It is helpful to know that anger is caused by fear. Fear is usually a result of some past event that we haven’t healed, that still hurts only we have dulled the pain and don’t want the hurt disturbed so it won’t hurt so much. Most of us have hidden this pain deep within us.

For example, you might be angry about a divorce. Underneath the anger might be the fear that your next relationship will end the same way, or fear of rejection and abandonment, or fear of abuse and violence, or fear of being used and taken advantage of. All of this hurts.

In fact, you might be so angry about this that you are doing terrorist acts such as yelling or throwing things or having accidents or ending relationships or getting fired.

You might be so angry that you deeply hurt people, animals and things. Instead of anger, you might be suffering from rage.

As the Course in Miracles teaches: every bit of anger adds to the worlds anger. To subtract or lessen the world’s anger, eliminate your own. This is the greatest thing you can do to end terrorism: recognize and end your own.

Healing Terrorism

You probably didn’t go to a healer or counselor or therapist to get help with dissolving this pain and its many possible causes.  Go now.

You probably didn’t go to your personal self-heal tool bag and use visioning or visualization or story-retelling or intuitive painting or affirmative prayer or affirmations or a burning bowl ceremony or Ho’oponopono-clearing or tapping (emotional freedom technique) . Use these tools now.

You probably didn’t have a long, heart-to-heart talk with your soul and your angels. Do both now.

I repeat: the greatest thing you can do to end terrorism is recognize and end your own practice of it.

Handling Difficulty

Yes. You are correct. This is hard, hard, hard work. There is nothing simple or easy about it.

Constantly talk with and listen to your soul and your angels. Do what they say.

Do help with this, I will spend the next few weeks naming and explaining the tools everyone should have in their personal self-heal tool bag.


Rev. Barbara and Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia