Charismatic Leader

Nov. 9, 2016

What is a charismatic leader? How do they uplift us?

Several weeks ago, I asked people who attend the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia to visit the web site of Rhys Thomas

On this site, please go to the bottom of the page, on the left hand side, two squares over and find the box labeled Profile Assessment.

Click on that box and take the Free Profile Assessment.

Knowing your profile helps in decision-making about one’s own life; being able to determine the profile of others helps one determine how to interact with them.

Charismatic Leader

Consider those who fit the charismatic leader profile. These are the actors/actresses, corporate leaders, politicians and ministers.

The charismatic leader knows exactly what he/she wants.

The charismatic leader will quickly determine how to use others in order to achieve his/her desire.

He/she will say and do whatever necessary to manipulate others to do his/her bidding. Usually this is whatever those being manipulated want to hear or see take place.

For example, if the person(s) being used want to hear that every one of  a certain group should be deported, the charismatic leader will say words to that effect, and, will take actions to bring about what those being manipulated want to see happen.

Charismatic leaders have few, if any, boundaries. They want what they want and could care less about who or what they harm to get what they want.

Truth telling is not at the top of their list of desired qualities.

If charismatic leaders don’t get what they want, they throw tantrums and will punish, sometimes violently, whoever they think is standing between them and their desire.

When they are manipulating you, using you, they are the most charming individuals  that ever walked on the earth; do something to displease them and the wrath of heaven breaks forth.

Recently, a certain nation selected a charismatic leader to lead them.

Forgotten Promises

Mark my words and mark them well.

This leader has already forgotten promises made to displaced workers like coal miners, textile workers, car makers and others who have fallen into poverty through no fault of their own.

This leader has already forgotten those who voted the way this leader wanted them to, manipulated them to.

This leader will do little to nothing to bring this group to higher ground.

Unless this leader needs them for something, this leader will not even acknowledge their existence.

If this charismatic leader sees that he/she can again use them to get something else that he/she wants, he/she will return to them and turn on his/her charisma. Unless this group learns about charismatic leaders, they will again be used, and then ignored.

Do This

Those of us who have been used many times by charismatic leaders know how painful it is to admit that we were used.

It took many times of getting promises, and then having those promises broken before we woke up.

We’ve learned to instantly recognize charismatic leaders and to determine the true mission of those persons. We’ve learned to carefully consider this mission. Is it for the greater good, or is it for the good of the charismatic leader?

Careful now. Charismatic leaders are very good at confusing and hiding what’s really going on.

We’ve learned to not depend on charismatic leaders for anything. We’ve learned to not trust them.

Most of all, we’ve learned to make our own boots, our own boot straps and to pull our own self up.

Being used is too painful to suffer often, and is hurtful beyond words.

Let those of us who are followers–everyone who isn’t a charismatic leader–make good choices.

I wish us all peace, harmony and collaboration.

Barbara and Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia










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