The “I Am”, words of power

The “I am” and what follows it are the most powerful words in the Universe.  In the coming months, these “I am” statements will be very helpful.  The first three will fix what ails you. Numbers 8, 9 and 10 will keep you out of trouble and from being used and manipulated. The rest are simply nice to have.

Repeat these out loud at least once a day.

1.     I am enough.

2.     I have enough.

3.     I have excellent coping skills.

4.      I am love.

5.  I easily give love.

6.   I easily receive love.

7. I easily give and receive love.

8. I easily recognize truth.

9. I easily speak truth.

10.  I easily receive truth.

11. I live in the overflow of all good.

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