The Replacement

March 20, 2017

Hello Everyone,

All of us know that our planet crossed into the Age of Aquarius in December 2012.

All of us know that not everything—ideas, beliefs, habits, traditions and practices—will be allowed to cross into this age.

More and more of what has to change and of what won’t be permitted in this Age of Aquarius is becoming known to us.

The Question

I didn’t realize until recently that both blue-collar and white-collar work won’t exist in this new age. What will replace them hasn’t appeared yet.

Ask this question to discover what will be the replacement activity for your personal life:

“What do I have to offer—talent, gift, ability, skill and experience—that the world wants and is willing to pay to receive?

Anything that blogs or prevents this answer from coming to me including Karma, DNA, family or cultural history is destroyed, transmuted and deleted across all times, space, dimensions and realities. “

Don’t Know


A starting place for learning your talents, gifts and abilities is to read my book All About me, career/work decision-making, which is available at




Ask the Angels

This question nor waiting for nor hearing and understanding its answer is the simplest, easiest thing so asked the angels of all of us for help.

Ask that the answer be clear and instantly understandable.

Most important: ask that whatever the answer is that you know, beyond the mere shadow of a doubt, that this is your answer.

Your answer should give you peace and it should be a humanity-plus answer, an activity that carries us humans and our planet forward into an age of peace.

And, so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels


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