Lofty Question for this week

April 17, 2017

Hi everyone,

Recall that Lofty Questions are the ones we create using what we want as our base and changing that base into a “How is it that ” or a “Why is it that” question.

Most of us want to be fit and have chosen walking as our means to reach our fitness goal so our Lofty Question would be:

“How is it that I love my thirty minutes walks so much that I never miss an opportunity to walk?”

“Why is it that I love walking so much, get so much pleasure from my walk that I my daily walk is part of my schedule that never gets changed?”

“How is it that I put being fit and healthy first in my life, a priority that I allow nothing to stop?”

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Lofty Questions

April 3, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been asking Lofty Questions:

  1. Why is it that my relationships are ones of love, support, and respect?
  2. Why is it that I always have an extra $1000 or more in all of my bank accounts?
  3. Why does the Universe give me more than enough health, energy, vitality and stamina than I thought possible?
  4. How is it that I have paid employment that uses my gifts, talents, abilities and skills and pays me well?

And, Wow! What a difference! Life is happier, more peaceful and tranquil all because I ask things like:

  1. How is it that I fly through my housework and outside work and all work with ease, grace, and joy?
  2. Why am I always surrounded by love?
  3. How is it that I’ve doubled my income?
  4. What type of person must I become to accept and enjoy the abundance the Universe sends my way?

To create these questions all I do is state what I want as if I already had it and then change that statement into a ‘why’ or ‘how’ question. Sometimes I make a ‘what’ question. For example,

  1. Why is my life so happy and peaceful right now?
  2. How come my respiratory system is operating at peak performance?
  3. Why am I so good at making, managing and multiplying money?
  4. How come my life is amazing and exceeds all my expectations?

Wow! I invite you to add Lofty Questions to your spiritual practice.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels