Lofty Question for this week

April 17, 2017

Hi everyone,

Recall that Lofty Questions are the ones we create using what we want as our base and changing that base into a “How is it that ” or a “Why is it that” question.

Most of us want to be fit and have chosen walking as our means to reach our fitness goal so our Lofty Question would be:

“How is it that I love my thirty minutes walks so much that I never miss an opportunity to walk?”

“Why is it that I love walking so much, get so much pleasure from my walk that I my daily walk is part of my schedule that never gets changed?”

“How is it that I put being fit and healthy first in my life, a priority that I allow nothing to stop?”

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


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