Calming a Hurricane

Sept. 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I received a post from Shiloh Sophia, artist, writer, thinker.

Please check out this blog; it is beautiful.

She reminded me of the story of the Master Teacher and Healer Jesus speaking to the wind and the storm. As a result, they calmed and became normal.

I wondered, “Why don’t we speak to storms? After all, the Master Teacher/Healer said that “Yes, I did all of this; but you, you will do greater than this.” So, we should be able to speak to storms and have them calm, also.”

Sound crazy?

We have no problem talking to angels or to God, so why not talk to hurricanes? Or floods? Or fires?

Why not send these things love, the most powerful force in the Universe? Why not ask them to find a way to do their good and perfect work without scaring us or being destructive?

If we all come from the same Source—God, and are made of the same materials, why shouldn’t we include hurricanes and other storms as part of us, as some piece of us, a piece that deserves appreciation and recognition?

After all, hurricanes have this most important job of bringing water to inland areas. So, why not honor them and give thanks that they do their job?

Since this site is dedicated to working with angels, let us ask the angels of the hurricanes to speak to the storms for us.

Angels of the Hurricanes

Angels of the Hurricanes,

Wow! For some of us, it seems strange to realize that just as it is said that each blade of grass has an angel watching over it and helping it grow, so does all life including the winds, the rains and the storms.

This realization helps us recognize the oneness of all life, that storms are part of us and part of life, that there is no separation of any kind. We have a clearer picture of how everything truly is some piece of Life.

So, Angels of the Hurricanes, please tell them that we are grateful that they do the difficult job of bringing water to areas that would otherwise be deserts.

Please tell them that we send them love, appreciation and acceptance. We include them in the tapestry of life. We welcome them. We cherish them.

Please tell them that we don’t condemn the hurricanes because we humans haven’t learned how to live with them by doing things like constructing better buildings and roads.

Thank you, Angels of the Hurricanes. Thank you for communicating our love and acceptance.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


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