Jan. 16, 2018

Hi Everyone,

The biggest concern most of us have is how to cure our not enoughness.  This week we concentrate on one area: using our talents to cure not enough money.

Erase the beliefs that money is evil or not really needed. We humans have attached money and its use to purchase what is needed for a good life–food, clean water, decent shelter, health care, safe living spaces, decent work environments, education and harmonious relationships. It is difficult to have a good life without having enough money.

This week we focus on the other item attached to money:  our talents, gifts and skills.

For better or worse, money and the use of our talents, gifts, skills and experience are so intertwined that they are inseparable.  We give of our talent in order to receive money. We exchange one for the other.

Our Currency

Thus, our talents and gifts can be called our currency. All of us were given talents and gifts; therefore, all of us have currency. Another word for currency is money.

So the next time you think you haven’t enough money, stop. Immediately correct yourself: “Yes, I do have enough money. I have _______”, and list your talents and gifts. List the skills you have developed that came about because you have these talents and gifts. List the experiences you have had because you honored and developed your particular set of talents and gifts, and you expanded them.

Finding Out

If you can’t list your talents and gifts and don’t know which of these are your high value currency, I highly recommend the Vedic Astrologer Prema Lee Gurreri of Soulutionary. Get a Sacred Wealth Code Reading.  Not only does she identify your major archetypes, she names your high value currency talents, your soul’s desires and your spiritual purpose.

Before going to the Soulutionary, know the time, day and place of your birth. There is an offer for a free reading, but spend the money for the more comprehensive reading. When first entering the site,  an opportunity is given to get the comprehensive reading for a low price. The site tells you that this price won’t be offered again. Believe it. Take the low price offer.

The Sacred Wealth Code Reading done for me identified my soul’s desires and spiritual purpose for all three of my major archetypes and made clear my high value currency gifts.

Also, read and do the activities in my book, All About Me, Career/Work Decision Making.

In addition to all of this, we go to the angels for guidance, support and help.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

This is what I know.

I know there is the Unified Field, the place where all knowledge and understanding exists; this place that is sometimes called God, sometimes called Spirit, sometimes called Creative Intelligence, sometimes called Heaven.

This is where the Hosts of Heaven including the angels dwell. 

I know this field is the Power for Good and that it is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, giving and forgiving, but most of all, it is everywhere present. I don’t have to go to it for it is already here flowing around me, in me, as me and through me.

I am connected to it and it is connected to me. I have access to all knowledge, all understanding, all power, all love twenty-four seven, all year-long, forever and always.

Therefore, I know that all is well. I am healthy and prosperous and the receiver and giver of love. I easily identify my talents and I know how to use them to gain the desires of my heart. I am content, satisfied and at peace.

I know what to do to answer the callings of my heart.

I can name my talents including my primary one. I know which skills are my currency, are my high value gifts, the ones I use to generate income. I, also, know which of my many gifts  support these high value gifts.

I cherish who I am. I appreciate me. I value each of my gifts, each of my talents. I value the products and services that come from the use of my talents, gifts and skills. I value the good I do.

I know exactly how to use my talents and skills. I know how to generate additional income. I know the actions I am to take. I know the step-by-step process I am to use to generate additional income.

I am grateful for this knowing. I am filled with confidence as I take each action knowing that I am guided and supported. 

I know that I am surrounded by angels all day long. I easily receive their guidance. I feel their presence, their protection, their happiness at being at service.

I know that nothing, absolutely nothing stands in the way of this being so. I know that nothing, absolutely nothing, prevents this, blocks this or destroys these knowings from being so, these actions from being successful.

All is well. I am at peace. I easily create health, wealth and harmony. I am grateful these are the world I live in, a world of wellness, wholeness and contentment.

I release this word into the mind of God and into the action of universal law.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

On most Sundays, find Barbara S Lucas at The Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia


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