A Greater Idea

July 3, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Problems! We all have them! Wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have problems.

Some problems are greater than others; some we are just sick and tired of dealing with; most we wish would go away and stay away.

But. They don’t.

The reason the same problems keep showing up is that we are trying to solve them with what we are aware of, conscious of, know about.

What we know will never solve the problem.

Einstein told us this. He said that the mind that created the problem isn’t the mind that can solve the problem.

Solutions Come

In order to permanently solve a problem, we need a greater idea about it. Greater ideas produce solutions.

To get greater ideas, we go to God what some people today call the Unified Field of all Intelligence and to the angels.

Greater ideas and the solutions they bring come from the Unified Field.


So. Get a problem in mind. Any problem will do.

Have the willingness for this problem to be solved.

Now. Let us go to the Unified Field, the place where God resides.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for your existence. We are grateful for your presence, support, encouragement and help.

Today we want to solve a problem. You know the one. It’s what we have in mind now.

We want a greater idea about this problem and its solution.

Open our eyes that we might see, open our ears that we might hear, open our mind that we might understand, open our heart so that we might act.

Lead us to the greater idea.

We know we have seen, heard and taken in this greater idea when we see, hear and feel love.

We know we have understood and accepted this greater idea when we act with loving kindness.

Our eyes are open. Our ears are open. Our mind is open. Our heart is open.

We receive this greater idea. We take loving kindness action to allow this idea to solve our problem.

Greater ideas come. Problems get solved. Loving kindness is the watch word of our life.

We rejoice and our grateful.

We release these words into the Unified Field, God; and, into the action of Universal Law.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara



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