Why we aren’t allowed to question

Feb. 3, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Like most of you, I have questions, many questions about Spirit and why things are the way they are. Like most of you, I learned a like time ago to keep my questions to myself. I dared not voice them.

However, I am American. I believe all that stuff about freedom including free speech and the right to write and publish.

So, I’ve kept on asking; kept on observing, listening, researching; and, kept on getting answers.

The question is: why do so many religions, families, governments discourage questions being asked out loud?

The reason is that as soon as the question is asked, the questioner has began to doubt. The questioner is doubting the authority of those in a culture who supposedly know all the answers. The questioner is, also, doubting what is supposed to be true, like the existence of a sky god.

Authority figures can’t stand anyone doubting their authority or questioning the existence of anything they use–like obedience to the sky god–to keep us being followers.

So. It is important to not only ask questions, but to ask the correct questions. Let us go to the angels to gain courage to keep on asking and to know the correct questions to ask.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for your existence and for knowing that you do exist. We are grateful that you are our helpers, always present, always helpful.

So. Today, we receive your support as we allow ourselves to question. We question everything. We especially question beliefs we have had from young childhood on.

Many of those beliefs were perfect for children, but now we are adults. We need beliefs that fit us as adults.

We examine our beliefs, letting go of what no longer belongs, keeping what fits us now, adding the beliefs we need now.

We question those who say they know best, that they are the only ones who can lead us, that they are deserving of our support and obedience.

So angels, support our questioning. Help us ask good questions, the kind that lead us to let go of what no longer serves us and add what does.

We are grateful for all support, all guidance and all leadership. We are especially grateful for that which allows us to claim our right to question, our right to observe, listen, analyze and come to conclusions that might differ from what is currently accepted.

We are grateful for freedom to doubt, to question and to find answers.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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