Being Ignored

Mar 15, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Some people in the United States are complaining that they are ignored by the government.

If you listen to these people, you will find that these are the very people who say that people should not receive help, that people should pull themselves up by their own self, without aid or assistance from anyone.

Listen even more and you will find that when these people say that everyone should get what they want on their own without help or assistance, these people mean “Those people, those people over there, should get what they want on their own, without assistance of any kind, but not us. We should receive help.”

The truth is that all of us, no matter how gifted, how well-educated, how talented, how healthy or how wealthy, need help. Daily.

As Opal said, “No one makes it on their own. No one.”

The truth is Spirit gives us what IT thinks we want. So. If you say or think “People should get what they want without receiving help or assistance from the government or politicians or corporations or friends or family, Spirit hears, “Oh, this person doesn’t want help. Okay. I will see to it that they receive no help.”

So. You feel ignored, abandoned, forsaken. Soon, you will feel hopeless and depressed.

How do we change this?

LOL. We go to the angels, of course. We forgive ourselves for being so silly and so selfish. Of course, we humans need help. We are humans.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for your presence. Thank you for letting us know that you are here, next to us.

We are grateful for your support, encouragement and guidance. This is help. We joyfully accept it.

Help us know that it’s okay to receive help. It’s okay to give help. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to need help.

After all, we are human. It’s okay to be human.

And so it is.


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