Cat rescue

May 19, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Well. As we say here in the American South, I could chew nails and spit.

Two possibly feral cats have showed up.

Yelling, totally disrupting the neighborhood, or my section of it.

The cats are gorgeous. At least, I think there are two.

Both short hairs. One is all white; the other is all white with bits of gray. The bits of gray could have been leaf shadows on an all white cat.

They are living in my fenced-in back yard.

My six cats, all rescues, are upset. They do not want the invaders.

I, of course, am upset about my cats being upset and exposed to danger like fights or disease.

And, six pets are the legal limit where I live.

I am leaving food when I can watch the invaders and my cats are inside.

I want to gain the confidence of the invaders in me so I can catch them, get them to my vet, vaccinated and neutered.

My vet will have a solution about ownership. These are so pretty I think they will be immediately adopted but I’m not willing to take the risk.

All the animal shelters here are overflowing.

Perhaps there is a way I can foster the invaders and still meet the requirements of the law.

I don’t know; my vet, a gentle, kind and generous man–his staff is wonderful; all animal lovers–will know.

I will give this slow, very slow process two weeks and then call animal control for help.

In the meantime, I go to the angels of everyone.

Angels of Everyone

Angles of Everyone,

Especially the angels of me, my cats and these two invaders:

Please reassure everyone that I love them all; I will do my best to make certain everyone has attention, love, caring and everything needed like food and shelter and medical care.

Please tell the invaders that I am a kind, loving person who only wants the very best for them.

Please tell them to make friends with me.

Please tell them that I will take them to my vet who will make sure they have not and will get no disease like rabies or leukemia.

Angles of these cats, of my cats, of me and of all of us, I thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Thank you for making communication clear.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Dog Rescue

May 11, 2019
Hi Everyone,
I was traveling in a rural area on my way to visit a friend who comes to Atlanta occasionally. She doesn’t drive and stays with her brother when in Atlanta.
I came upon slowed down traffic.
A medium sized dog was causing the slow traffic.
No one was pulling over to help the dog so I pulled over and got the dog into my car.
Drivers on both sides blocked traffic so I could do this and then allowed me back into traffic.
The dog is very sweet.  Probably a bulldog/ pit bull/ something else mix.  Short hair. Orange and white.
Obviously came from a family because it was so friendly and was obviously used to going for a ride.
 Not neutered. A male.
When I reached my friend’s house, we called animal control in her county.
They came and got the dog.
I didn’t copy the side streets; didn’t think to do this. So tomorrow, I will redrive, find the area and copy side street name’s etc; Animal control needs this info.
The dog wasn’t micro chipped which is why animal control has asked that I do this.
If I hadn’t gotten the dog, it would have been hit, hurt and probably killed, but I feel bad. Really bad.

It is time to go to the angels.
Angels of All of Us 
Angels of the dog I rescued,
Please go to the angels of the people who will adopt this dog, love it, protect it and really take care of it.
Tell these angels to tell their people where the dog is.
Make the process of adopting this dog easy.
At the moment, the dog is in a safe place, but, I would feel better if I knew this dog was in its forever home, with people who will adore it.
If the original care takers of the dog are good, loving people and they probably are because the dog was in good health and very friendly, then angels of the dog I rescued, please go to these people and let them know where to find their dog.
I thank you angels for helping to get this good dog to people who are good people.
And so it is.
Rev. Barbara

Fearless Action

May 6, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of us know about fear. Most of us have experienced it. It is fear that prevents us from taking action, from doing the thing we are called to do.

We take fearful actions. This is familiar territory for almost everyone.

Suppose there is a way to take fearless action.

If we took fearless action, how much more could we accomplish?

If we step back and really, really observe and really, really listen, we find that we live in fear.

Observe and Listen

Observe and listen to the media; practically every one of their reports is one of fear.

Observe and listen to the information about health care; notice how much fear is a part of this information.

Observe and listen to the stories about the economy; notice how many of these stories are fear-based.

Observe and listen to your own personal stories; notice how much fear they contain.

Notice that you/we are immersed in fear.


Take a moment or more. Picture your life if fear did not exist. How would life be?

What would you bring forth? What story would you tell?

Difficult to do?  Strange? Yes.

So. When we want to go from the familiar–in this case fear–to the unfamiliar–in this case fearlessness; we go to the angels for help.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of All of Us,

We are grateful that we know that you exist.

We are grateful that you are our helpers.

We have stepped back, observed and listened.

We are willing to let go of fear.

We are willing to create news, health care, an economy that is fearless.

We are willing to create new stories for our self, stories filled with fearless action, love, beauty and strength.

We ask for your guidance, support and encouragement.

We know that we receive everything needed to be fearless. We receive now.

We are grateful and give thanks.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara