Dog Rescue

May 11, 2019
Hi Everyone,
I was traveling in a rural area on my way to visit a friend who comes to Atlanta occasionally. She doesn’t drive and stays with her brother when in Atlanta.
I came upon slowed down traffic.
A medium sized dog was causing the slow traffic.
No one was pulling over to help the dog so I pulled over and got the dog into my car.
Drivers on both sides blocked traffic so I could do this and then allowed me back into traffic.
The dog is very sweet.  Probably a bulldog/ pit bull/ something else mix.  Short hair. Orange and white.
Obviously came from a family because it was so friendly and was obviously used to going for a ride.
 Not neutered. A male.
When I reached my friend’s house, we called animal control in her county.
They came and got the dog.
I didn’t copy the side streets; didn’t think to do this. So tomorrow, I will redrive, find the area and copy side street name’s etc; Animal control needs this info.
The dog wasn’t micro chipped which is why animal control has asked that I do this.
If I hadn’t gotten the dog, it would have been hit, hurt and probably killed, but I feel bad. Really bad.

It is time to go to the angels.
Angels of All of Us 
Angels of the dog I rescued,
Please go to the angels of the people who will adopt this dog, love it, protect it and really take care of it.
Tell these angels to tell their people where the dog is.
Make the process of adopting this dog easy.
At the moment, the dog is in a safe place, but, I would feel better if I knew this dog was in its forever home, with people who will adore it.
If the original care takers of the dog are good, loving people and they probably are because the dog was in good health and very friendly, then angels of the dog I rescued, please go to these people and let them know where to find their dog.
I thank you angels for helping to get this good dog to people who are good people.
And so it is.
Rev. Barbara

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