My Dream

Oct. 3, 2019

Hello Every One,

I haven’t posted in months.

I couldn’t see my way forward, so I stopped doing much of anything.

This is about to change.

Last night, I was visited by a group of angels.

They were dressed in long, white, shimmering gowns. They had long dark hair. No wings. No halos.

They were talking but I could only understand that their speech had something to do with teaching.

Realizing that I didn’t understand, one of the angels separated from the group and came to me.

She said, “You are a teacher, a fabulous, creative teacher.”

And then they left.

So. I shall teach.

End of doing nothing. Perhaps I needed the rest.

Ask the Angels

Angels of All of Us,

I am grateful for your appearance last night. I am grateful for the message.

I know exactly what I am to teach.

I do so with love and creativity.

I know I am protected and guided.

I am grateful for your presence, support and encouragement.

And, so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels