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Jan. 23, 2020

Check it outHi Everyone,

Just returned home from coaching a senior citizen the Angelic, Red Thread Way.

No, I rarely do home visits; yes, most of my coaching takes place via Zoom.

I asked what result she wanted from our time together.

She said she wanted her problem fixed.

What problem?

“My not enough income problem,” she answered.

This is problem most of my clients want fixed, the problem of not having enough money income.

Coaching the Angelic, Red Thread Way

We opened the session with the Red Thread Ceremony:

  1. verifying that we were connected to the earth, the water, the air, the cosmos including the Angels and Spirit as well as to each other, all humans and all life.

2. verifying that every problem has a solution, every question has an answer

3. verifying that the answers/solutions come from within, from Spirit who dwells within each of us, from Angels who help us connect to and receive from Spirit.

We did the Red Thread work of opening to receive by using color, shapes, symbols, language, and angels.

She gained clarity that her purpose was to teach beauty.

So her task now is to make a bridge from this clarity to having an offering that:

  1. an offering that helps people appreciate and value beauty,
  2. an offering that people will gladly pay to receive.

In the coming days she will receive clarity, a definite, what to offer and how to do so.

So, let us speak to the angels on her behalf:

Angels of All of Us


You know this woman and her situation. You know her tools, her skills, how she has boxed herself in, her fear of letting go of believes and ways of being that haven’t served her in a very long time.

We, those of us who love this woman and want the very best for her, asked that you give her the solution to her problem, a solution that uses her purpose, her talents, her tools; a solution that is her offering, a solution that is her way to give so that she receives money.

We ask that this be done now. We ask that this be done so that she has no doubt that this is what she is to do.

We ask that every support, every encouragement that she needs to understand and to do is given her.

We are grateful that this is so.

And so it is.



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