My First Tree Woman Painting

Feb. 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,

One of My Tree Women



Here she is. In all her glory.  My first Tree Woman painting.  Actually, she is my first multi-media painting.

She is woman, firmly rooted, planting her wisdom, singing her song, and as she says in her mid-section: sending a message without saying a word.

When I knew that I had finished–the hardest thing about intuitive, process painting is knowing when to stop–my first reaction was “Oh gosh. How childish this piece is!”

My second reaction was “Wait a minute. This is who I am; teacher of young children; explainer of complex ideas; finder of outside-of-the-box-ideas that actually solve problems; so, of course, she looks young, excited, full of life.”

It was a moment of understanding and enlightenment.

So. Create your own moment.

Get some paper, crayons, pencils, chalks or get a canvas and some paints. Draw a tree. Any kind that comes to you to be drawn.  Once drawn, somewhere on your work will appear a face. Add plenty of colors, shapes and words. Stand back.

Take a long, deep look. Then journal the first word and following words that come to you.

What was revealed to you? What is your moment of understanding and enlightenment?

Savor the words and the feelings. Cherish your work.




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No. She is not for sale.  I’m finding that I love my paintings too much to sell them; as my house gets more filled–I am furiously protecting the little bit of blank wall space that I have–I might change my mind.


One does not need talent or training to do intuitive, process work. The focus is on the process and what is revealed instead of focusing on creating beauty or something that follows all the rules.


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