The New Normal: step 1

July 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

The message is that we are to  create a new normal, one that works for us as individuals. We cannot return to the past normal; that normal is gone.

Normal means “the usual, the expected, the typical”.


Creating a new normal begins with a decision: what do you want to be usual, typical, expected in your life?

Center on you and your life; not your family, community or the world.


Ask: what do I want to be usual, expected, typical in my life.

For example, my new normal is always having a large, beautiful, bountiful garden filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Your new normal might not include this; it is my new normal.

Ask the Angels

So ask the angels to guide you to select at least one new normal for your life.

Start with this one decision.

Write it down. Draw it. Find pictures of this new normal.

Add a piece of red thread to your work.

Once this is done, observe what happens.


Rev. Barbara

Love offerings for Ask the Angels Coaching and the Red Thread are gratefully accepted at   PayPal.

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