Angel Reading for Week of Oct 31 to Nov 7, 2020

Nov. 2, 2020

Hi Everyone,

As you I know, I ask the angels for messages for the people who read this post.

This is a general message. I did not ask about specific concerns or for a specific individual.

I was tempted to be more specific; there is a lot going on in the US at the moment.

The Angel’s Say

The angels say, “Humans have been at a crossroads for awhile now.

At this time, humans have chosen the way they will go. This new path is clear. It is known. This new path is a great leap forward for humans.

Have no doubt of this. Be happy about finally knowing the path.

Take this new path; make new goals for this new path. Put energy and attention on this new path and new goals.

Let the old go. There is no going back or bringing the old into the new. Humans have rejected the old.

Humans have new ideals; they are aiming for the greater and the better.

In human finances, a dependable source of finances becomes available to all.

Be very clear about what you want for this time humans will get what they want.

Reach out and be generous to those who do not see this new path. Not all humans see the same thing at the same time.

Know that this path will eventually become clear to all.”

My thoughts

I will be relieved to know the name of this new path.

We humans are clear about what no longer works:

  • In the US, we know that health care attached to employment doesn’t work. The US has seen health care go away when jobs went away so a new way to provide health care is needed.
  • In the US, the role that schools play in providing childcare has finally been recognized but so has the fragileness of this system. Something goes wrong with school buildings, school personnel, school transportation and we have no childcare. No childcare, no work force. A new way to protect our school system and those who work in it are needed; a new way to support the work force is needed.
  • In the US, before Covid, people trusted that they had a reliable source of food. Many US citizens went into shock when they entered the stores at the beginning of the Covid lockdowns and saw no food on shelves. Individuals must find a new way to provide for self and family. A new food distribution system is needed.
  • World-wide we see the failure of the current economic systems. A new system is needed.

So, we know the old path; we know what must be changed; so we examine the new path making certain that it solves the problems from the old path.

Call to action

This is what I am doing to take advantage of the angel message:

  • I am being very watchful. At the moment, I don’t see a new path. I sense that that path is here, just not fully seen at the moment.

Ask the Angels


We thank you for your words. We are grateful for your information, support, and wisdom.

Show us this new path.  Help us hear its name and know its characteristics.

When we see this path, helps us accept it, work with it, and walk it.

Thank you, angels. We are willing to recognize this new path. We are grateful for this new way and for your support and help.

And so it is.


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Dr. Barb does the work of messenger. She delivers messages and information that can help people make decisions to take actions that produce wellness, prosperity, and peace. Her work does not compete with or replace the work of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other professional and licensed services.

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