Message for Dec 6- 12, 2020

Dec. 6, 2020

Hello Everyone,

As I stated several blogs ago, all of us are suffering from PTSD, post-traumatic-stress-disorder. None of us have escaped being bothered by the political nonsense going on.

Most of the time, when it comes to healing, healers including energy healers and members of the medical profession ask us to find the cause in our own past experiences.

I ask all of you to consider a new possibility.

Suppose that instead of returning to the past and digging up all the stuff that took place in the past, we put ourselves into an open doorway and step into the future.

Instead of asking, “What caused my problem?”, we ask, “What is preventing me from claiming my future”?

So, I asked the angels, “What is causing those who read this post from stepping into their future?”

The Angels said

The angels said, “Humans need to stand at an open door, walk thru that door and stop. This is their new beginning.  All options are open. From this point on, they must start from scratch. From this point, they must rely on their own intuition and don’t ask for the opinions of others.

This is very difficult for humans but from this point they must connect with Divine Guidance which will be revealed as their own inner guidance and wisdom.

The easiest way to uncover inner wisdom is to do some form of art such as drawing or coloring or painting. Clarity comes as forms appear. Clarity brings understanding and solutions. Solutions bring peace.

Each human must have a vision for their personal life.  As is stated in Scripture, those without a vision will soon perish.

The easiest way to make a vision is to keep a record of your dreams. From your dreams will come the path each is to follow.”

My thoughts

As always, this message was not what I expected.  Like most of you, I am  used to going to the past to find the cause of something.

It never occurred to me that doing that caused additional pain. No one with PTSD needs to constantly revisit the past.

Doing that only intensifies what happened.

I am willing to do this new practice of simply asking, “Okay. I’m stepping into my future. Another word for future is newness. I ask that the thing that is stopping me from claiming my newness be revealed now.”

Call to Action

The angels made knowing what to do easy:

  • Keep a dream journal so that developing a vision is easy
  • Have an art practice so that clarity arrives
  • Face and step into newness

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

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