Capitol Attack Message

Jan. 14, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I posted this yesterday January 13, 2021, but it disappeared from my blog.  I am going to do my best to remember what I wrote incase my original message re appear.

This is what I said/wrote:

I have been hesitant to ask the angels for a message about the attack on the US Capitol on Wednesday January 6, 2021.

Frankly, I am in no mood to hear ‘love is the answer’.

Love is one of those words like socialist or capitalist, it no longer means what it originally meant. New definitions are needed.

But, my curiosity finally got the best of me and I asked.

As usual, I ask for a general answer that is meant for the readers of this blog instead of asking for a message aimed at everyone or for a certain individual.

I do ask for individuals if they request it.

Capitol Attack Angel Message

The angels said:

“This event has happened. Nothing can be done to change it. Arrogance is the cause.

Because of this event, humans will be forced to choose between two lifestyles.

To know the correct choice, humans must do what is very difficult for many of them to do: they must tell the truth to the self, the individual self.

They must go deep within, closely observe, listen deep to find this truth.

When they think they know the truth for them, they must ask their heart if what they think is true.

The heart must okay everything a human’s desires.

Three things are essential for survival:

  • Humans must be absolutely clear about what they want
  • Humans must tell themselves the truth
  • Humans must be prepared to lose everything—friends, family, careers, homes, money—. However, the humans who learn the truth for the self, who tell themselves this truth will gain everything; they will gain their self.

When humans have made their choice of lifestyle, know their truth, admit their truth to themselves, helpers will appear.”

My Interpretation

I wrote a post several weeks ago that said humans had chosen a new path.

I wasn’t told anything about this new path.

I just remember feeling so relieved that Biden won the US presidential election. I remember that everywhere I went after the announcement was made, everyone seemed happier, nicer, kinder.

I thought that we humans had chosen the path of love, of kindness, of caring for one another and caring for this planet.

Now we are asked to choose a lifestyle.

I have been working on this choice and to know the truth for me in my blog Start Over Success.

I have been at this uncovering, this looking deep and listening hard for weeks. I call this making my new normal.

Do not expect this to be quick or easy. Some of what you will uncover will be surprising; some will be shocking.

I know that I will greatly add to my knowledge of how my body works and what it needs in my new normal.

I know that in my new normal I will grow most of my own food.

I know that in my new normal I will continue to teach and write.

I know that in my new normal I will continue to learn as much as I can about having wellness in every part of life.

Now that I have received this angel message, I will look for helpers.

Once I have identified these helpers, I will accept their help.

I invite each of you to find your truths. I invite you to go to my Start Over Success website and pay attention to what I say not because I know so much but because I have been at the business of creating a new normal, of making a new lifestyle for several months now.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD

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Angel Message for Year 2021

Jan. 6, 2021

Hello Everyone,

This message is for the readers of this blog. It is for the entire 2021 year.

The message is:

“Humans know that something new is evolving. They have been told this many times. For something new to come, something old has to leave. This is the rule for the planet Earth and the humans who live there.

There is also the rule of cause and effect. It is the major rule for planet Earth. Make good use of this law. Consider all actions and what these actions might produce.

Humans must be objective. They must practice being discriminate so that they can see illusions and so that they aren’t gullible. They must be extremely watchful especially in the matter of finances.

Something has to end. Even though many humans don’t believe this, letting go is natural.  It happens all the time. However, in this new year, humans are cautioned to not procrastinate in this letting go, this finishing the past, this saying good-bye to those and that which are unsupportive.

In this new year, humans will become very clear about what they truly want. They will unite their inner space with their outer space. This will lead to new, unknown, unconsidered options appearing.

One of the new options that is appearing has been long sought by nearly all humans. It is the desire of a source of income that is more than enough and is reliable, constant and dependable. This desire will be fulfilled in this new year.

Yes, many humans are fearful of this new knowingness. They are even fearful of financial wellbeing. Go forward in spite of the fear.

In the past, many humans have been misunderstood. They have been criticized, rejected, and ignored. As a result, they have felt powerless, and frustrated. They have been victims of those who refuse to consider new options. That ends. The humans who have new ideas will be heard and sought after. “

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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