Message for e-mailer

Jan. 6, 2021

Hello Everyone,

This message is for the person who emailed about a problem with one of her oldest friends.

She wrote, “I want a message about a friendship(?) that appears to be ending—again. This woman and I were close friends many years ago; she disappeared; I heard of her but not from her; and then, she appeared in my life as part of my circle a few years ago.  All appeared to be well and now she has disappeared again. I don’t know what, if anything, I did wrong. I have emailed several times but do not get a response back. I was angry about the no-response. Now I only feel betrayed. I am grateful for any guidance the angels give. Thanks.”

The angel message is:

“Life is filled with cycles and mystery. You have identified one of the cycles in your life: a friend who comes and goes.  You have also identified one of they mysteries in your life: the unknown-to-you cause of this cycle.

Cycles and mysteries are about change. Get comfortable with change. The space that this woman now occupies in your mind and heart needs to be emptied. As you let go of thinking and feeling about this situation, creativity bursts forth. New ideas appear.

And most important of all, helpers, other than this woman, appear in your life. These helpers and your interactions with them will form the bases of new relationships.

Thus, for you, a new world is born. Rejoice!

Your new world consists of new ideas and new relationships. From the new ideas, come a new path to follow, a path that is successful materially and spiritually. Rejoice!

Let go of your anger and give thanks. This woman’s actions have brought forth a new beginning for you. Silently send her gratitude.

As your new world unfolds, this woman will attempt to return to your life. Say nothing. Make no reference to the fact that she ignored you for many months. Quietly go on with your new life.

You have the tendency to drop everything and respond immediately to the requests of others. You rarely ask for help from others but when you do, you expect them to do what you did for them: you expect them do drop everything as you have done for them and help. They do not. Recognize that this dropping of everything and immediately helping is part of your nature; it is not something you can or should change.

Simply know that this is a cycle of yours; it is another of your mysteries—why this is so, why you continue to do this; and, do not depend on others.

Rely on us, your angels. Walk into your new life. Feel the creativity and the power that comes with creating. Feel the joy and be glad in it.

All is well and will continue to be so.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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