Healing Eyesight

April 30, 2021

Hello Everyone,

A friend is losing her eyesight because of diabetes.

This person has used many traditional and non-traditional healing techniques.

Nothing is working. If anything, her sight is getting worse.

So, today, I go directly to the angels.

Angels of Me

Angels of me, those who are my caretakers:

I send you to this person.

I ask that you take with you the angels who specialize in healing human sight.

This person had made her will known. She is clear that she wants to see as she did when she was healthy.

Therefore, something is blocking her will, what she wants, from getting to the Healer.

My sense is that words and sounds are the blockers.

Therefore, knowing the Power of Words and the Power of Sound, any words, phrases, sentences, sounds in this person’s head, consciousness, and unconsciousness, that are blocking this healing of sight are changed into words and sounds that do heal sight.

Angels, including the angelic eyesight healers, now change these sounds, words, phrases, and especially habitual thoughts, into those that heal, those that love, those are of Light and Joy.

I command the angels—mine, hers and the eyesight angel healers, that any thoughts or words that this person speaks or thinks or believes that she does consciously or unconsciously to control, punish or judge others are released and freed from this person’s energy field.

This field is now filled with love, joy, and healing.

Since, until now, all that this person has done to heal this situation hasn’t worked, I command that what will work makes itself known to the angels, this person, and anyone who seeks this information.

I speak to my angels, the angel eyesight healers and this person’s mind:

You know how to heal this person’s eyes. You know what has to change. You know what has to be added to this person’s life and what has to be taken away. I command that these things be done now.

And so it is.

Rev. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD


When you are ready to connect to the Cosmos via angels and receive help that leads to wellness, prosperity, love, and peace, email me at bslucas@bellsouth.net. Give me several times and days when we can meet via phone. Wait for our call before telling me the details of your concern.

After our call, I will do the work of communicating with the angels. I will email their message.  I will answer up to three questions about their message.

A love offering of $35.00 US sets up the Law of Giving and Receiving and opens the channel for your message to come forth.

Rev. Barb

Barbara Lucas, PhD


Love offerings to support this blog are gratefully accepted at: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/BarbaraSLucas

Dr. Barbara Lucas does the work of messenger, another word for author, artist, speaker, communicator. She delivers messages and information that can help people make decisions to take the actions that produce wellness, prosperity, love, and peace. Her work does not compete with or replace the work of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other professional and licensed services.

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