Red Thread Circle Meets on Thursdays

May 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,

For many months now, I have been wanting to offer Red Thread Circle meetings.

Red Thread Circle Meetings

Red Thread Circle is a meeting of a group of usually only women who meet with the intention to pass the red thread thus affirming our connection to all living things including:

all people everywhere

the earth, wind, fire, water

our ancestors

angels, spirit guides,

the Creative Intelligence

the Cosmos.

And to be listened to.

The attendees pass the thread and state their name.

Then the topic is announced.

Each person is given the opportunity to again pass the thread and to say what they want about this topic. They are given two minutes to speak.

No one comments about anyone’s thoughts. Each person is listened to.

For many of us, this is the only time we feel and are listened to.

Before the meeting is ended, a summary is made of what was said. No names are attached to these thoughts.

The meeting is ended.

Thursday Red Thread Circle Meetings

So. Beginning May 27, 2021, a Thurdsay, starting at 8 pm est (New York City time) via Zoom please join me for a free Red Thread Circle.

I am offering this to help fulfill my commitment and intention to use my talents, gifts, abilities, skills and experiences for the betterment of humans.

Copy this code. Put it in your browser and join the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 1657 5156
Passcode: 954713

And so it is.

The angels and I send love, light, peace and wellness.

Rev. Barb

Donations to support this blog are gratefully accepted at: Barbara does the work of messenger. She delivers messages and information that can help people make decisions to take actions that produce wellness, prosperity, and peace. Her work does not compete with or replace the work of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other professional and licensed services

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