About Rev. Barbara


Barbara S. Lucas

Rev. Barbara S Lucas works with individuals who want to get messages from the angels; messages that help individuals make decisions; messages that help individuals solve problems.

Rev. Barbara leads individuals through a process where the individual receives the information the individual requests.

This is information needed for the right here and now.

She is happy to help individuals Connect to, Consult with and Receive from Spirit as It appears in the form called angels.

Connect with her on this website and her email, spreadlight@bellsouth.net. Be certain to place “angel” in the subject area of the email.

Rev. Barbara S Lucas, PhD has earned degrees in education and spiritual counseling from West Liberty State University, West Virginia University, and Sedona University.

She is a certified Inner Speak Creation Breakthrough Coach and a certified Chakra Wisdom Healer. She has completed many trainings including the Red Thread Guide training provided by Intentional Creativity.


She is an ordained minister affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministries.

She lives in the United States in the state of Georgia.