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Barbara S. Lucas

Barbara S Lucas is a master coach in the spiritual arts with a focus on our mind and how to use it to create a life lived in the overflow of all good.

After a career in teaching, followed by entering the ministry, Barbara Lucas writes and teaches others about the power of the conscious and subconscious mind and how to apply that knowledge to daily life to create meaningful and lasting positive change in one’s reality.

Barbara’s passion is to help individuals make changes in their thinking, feeling and believing so that they maintain a personal relationship with Spirit and reap the rewards of that relationship. She is happy to help individuals Connect to, Consult with and Receive from Spirit.

Connect with her on this website, her Facebook page and her email, spreadlight@bellsouth.net. Be certain to place “angels” in the subject area of the email.

Her mission is to provide low-cost, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement, practical, effective strategies for increasing the overflow of all good in one’s life.

When individuals, for whatever reason, can’t change the problem or circumstance facing them, she willingly meets with them in private session via the telephone or Skype. In this session, she helps individuals remove whatever is blocking their flow of everything good from reaching them, choose what is to replace the removed barrier and then integrate the new idea into daily living.

Barbara S Lucas has earned degrees in education and spiritual counseling from West Liberty State University, West Virginia University, and Sedona University.

She is an ordained minister affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministries.

She lives in the United States in the state of Georgia.






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