Angel Messages


What is an angel message?

An angel message is the words that come to an angel messenger. Sometimes the words come because the angels have news or warnings or truths they want delivered. Most of the time the message comes as a result of the messenger asking for help or information.

Angel messengers are those who receive and interpret these messages.

I, Dr. Barb, am the receiver and interpreter of angelic messages.  I am an angel messenger.

You are the seeker, the person wanting to hear the words of angels concerning your concern.


Knowing what the angels say about our situation broadens our awareness of ways to bring about change.

Angels offer pathways out of our situation that we didn’t know existed.

They bring needed insight and support.

As a result, we clearly see a way forward. We see possible action steps that lead to solutions.


People who seek advice and guidance from the angels have often done everything they know as a human to solve the problem they face and to bring about the change they seek.

No matter how many actions they’ve taken or how much change has happened, it isn’t enough.

Whatever is plaguing them continues.


I connect with my angels after I understand your concern.  I then ask my  angels to go to your  angels or specific angels who can give you the information and support you seek or help you do the needed task. They will not do your work for you.

Sometimes the needed task is to deliver a message or to find an object.

If you have read my book Ask the Angels, you know that answers always come and you know how answers came to people who sought my help.


Often, the answers come so gently, so delicately that we don’t realize that an answer has been given. This requires us to be on alert and watchful.

Red Thread Connection

My messaging is based on connection to Source via the angels and via the Red Thread Connection.

The Red Thread Connection says that we are all connected to each other, to earth, wind, fire, and water, to ancestors, to angels, to Source, the Cosmos and all the Cosmos contains.

We are connected to all there was, is, and will be.

Therefore, we are connected to all information, intelligence, creativity, and solutions.

Why A Request a Message

A message gives us needed clarity.

The simple act of asking connects us to all there was, is and will be.

Honoring this connection gives us access to information, support and actions steps.

Get a Message

There are two steps to a message.

First: contact me at:

Using email, we can arrange to meet via telephone.

In this email, tell me the times you are available.

Second: I respond to your request by selecting one of your times and dates that fit my schedule.

Third: We will meet via phone for about 20 minutes. On this call, you will tell me about your concern.

This begins our connection to the angels on your behave. We end this part of the messaging process.

Contacting the Angels

First:  Within a day, I contact my angels, speak with them, and go into deep listening.


I send you an email telling you everything I hear. This email contains recommendations.

Third: If needed, I will answer one more email about the original topic and the message.

Give the Order

I do charge for these messages. You are paying for my time, my keeping my connections in good shape and my experience in being a messenger.

After we arrange the time for telephone meeting, please pay $75.00 US for the use of my time, knowledge, and ability to connect with Source via the angels. If you need a payment plan, email your request and desired plan to me.

Pay Here

Then What

Seekers, those who ask for a message, often feel a deep relief. The support and encouragement they receive gives them stability so they know they are on solid ground and can stretch in new directions with ease. They know which next step and steps to take. They gain the strength and confidence to go forth even if its in a new direction with new thoughts and goals.

And so it is.

Dr. Barb does the work of messenger. She delivers messages and information that can help people make decisions to take actions that produce wellness, prosperity, and peace. Her work does not compete with or replace the work of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or other professional and licensed services.