Angelic Red Thread Coaching

What is Angelic Red Thread Coaching?

Angelic, Red Thread Coaching is the type of teacher-coaching I do. This method has come after years of searching for a method that actually produces results.

After passing certification for being a Practitioner for Centers of Spiritual Living, earning a PhD in metaphysical/spiritual counseling from the University of Sedona, completing Life Coaching training, completing Red Thread Guide Training, working with the Intentional Creativity Coaching Method; and, working with many, many  clients, I developed Angelic Red Thread Coaching.

I started my coaching work using the Affirmative Prayer Coaching Method.


Affirmative Prayer Coaching Method

For many years, I coached using affirmative prayer as the way to achieve results.

Using the Unity church definition: ” Rather than begging or beseeching Spirit, this method involves connecting with the God-Who-Dwells-Within and asserting positive beliefs about the desired outcome”.

Affirmative prayer is the same method of prayer Jesus taught when he said, “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).”

In other words, when praying affirmatively, one states that what they want is already present.

Paid Employment Affirmative Prayer

When I prayed for paid employment I said,
“Thank you, for my wonderful new job. I am so grateful that I get to work from home using the tools and supplies I already own, using my talents, gifts, skills and experience, and. receiving a good salary. I am so grateful that my students love learning, show up on time and gladly do the work. I give thanks that the parents of my students appreciate and value my services.”

Every line of that prayer is what I wanted and, within three days, is what I received. I don’t always receive results in three days; however, I do receive results.

When I teacher-coached using the affirmative prayer method, I always included the angels. Many of us think of angels as kind, benevolent beings. They are, and, they are also warriors. We humans always need kindness. Sometimes, we need warriors; those who will fight for and with us.

I still call in the angels when I teacher-coach. I know that Spirit is present.

The problem with this method is it’s too passive; the people who came to me for help weren’t involved enough; and, the results were less than acceptable.


So for a year or more, I didn’t coach; I didn’t post on this site; I did very little except search.

I know that for every question there is an answer; for very problem there is a solution.

The solution for my teacher-coaching came in the Red Thread Circle Guide Training given by Shiloh Sophia of  Intentional Creativity.

Red Thread Circle and the teachings of the Red Thread Legend made total sense to me. Find an explanation here for The Red Thread Legend and for Red Thread Circle.

The Red Thread Guide training led to Intentional Creativity Coaches training.

Intentional Creativity Coaching

The Intentional Creativity Coaching method focuses on using image, creativity, intention and language to guide seekers into bringing the solutions and information they seek into awareness.

I, as teacher-coach, guide you, the client, to use paper and pens or markers or crayons or chalks of various colors to go within and bring forth the desired solutions or information.

As I coached individuals, I observed that yes, I used the Intentional Creativity Coaching Method; and, I invited the angels to encourage, support and protect;  and I did Affirmative Prayer; and, I brought in the Four Main Teachings of the Red Thread Legend.

And, individuals received meaningful, relevant answers and solutions.

I worked as the guide. The angels worked as encouragers, supporters and protectors. Spirit worked to send answers and solutions.

However, the real work was done by the individual who relaxed enough by moving the pen across paper to give Spirit the space to quietly reveal the requested information or solution.

So. When you get coached by me you will experience all of this: Intentional Creativity and Angels and the Red Thread Legend and Results. Results is information from the Creative Intelligence that dwells within each of us, what most of us call Spirit.

Get a Coaching Session

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In a nut shell,

I teacher-coach via Zoom. Zoom is a computer program that allows you and I to see and hear each other as we meet to do this work.

When we agree on a day and time, I will send a Zoom access code.

Please reserve an hour and a half in a quiet place. We will probably finish in an hour. Have the extra time available just in case we need it.

Have several sheets of plain, notebook size, white paper, pens and pens or markers or crayons or chalks of various colors.

Have a cup of tea or your favorite beverage available.

Consider what problem you want to solve.

Send an email to with several days and times that you will be available.

After we agree on day and time, send $125.00 to

We have connected. Now let us work together.

Thank you.