Ask the Angels, the book


As you know, I’m called to minister via the written word; so, I write a lot.  My newest offering is Ask the Angels , a book offered via Amazon Kindle.

    Ask the Angels, receive help, support, nurturance, is the book for you when practical, spiritual  help is needed:

  •    You’ve misplaced, or lost something, have searched   high, low and all over without finding it.
  • You want to speak with someone you haven’t heard from or seen in a long, long time, or you want a message given to someone who refuses to speak with you
  • You need something to happen in the right here and now like paid employment
  • You want guidance particularly in identifying right actions and correct pathways
  • You want to feel protected, cared for and valued

Ask the Angels, receive help, support, nurturance, teaches:

  • What angels are, what they do and how they look
  • How to increase the chances of seeing an angel
  • How to prepare to work with angels, the five essentials
  • What to ask for and how to do the asking, the six steps of the Ask the Angels technique
  • The four practices that guarantee angel work success
  • Why seeing angels isn’t important
  • Which promises of God keep angel work flowing

Those who read and use the information in Ask the Angels, receive help, support, nurturance, gain:

  • a richer, calmer life
  • a firmer connection to Spirit
  • increased awareness of success habits

Do yourself a favor and purchase this book, Ask the Angel, from Amazon Kindle. Then read it and put the technique into everyday practice.  You’ll be glad you did.


Rev. Barbara