The Technique Worksheet


In the book, Ask the Angels, I wrote about the Ask the Angels technique, and I identified which promises of God keep angel work flowing.

Please download copies of the Ask the Angels technique worksheet and as many copies of the Promises of God for Angel Work that you may desire.  Keep copies of the Promises where they’ll be handy for a quick read several times during your day.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your happiness and peace will increase.

Ask the Angels technique worksheet

Do the following:

1.     Get the attention of the angels;  name the one you want to respond:

  • Angel of _____________________________

2.     Name the action you want the angel to do:

  • ____________________________________

3.     Identify yourself:

  • I am __________________________________

4.     Tell why you want this:

  • ______________________________________

5.     Give thanks

  •    Angel of _____________________, I thank you.

6.    Be on alert for the answer or solution.

Thanks for reading my book and for visiting this site.

Success to all,

Rev. Barbara

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