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 Invite the Angels to Help


  • Angels are interested in every detail of our life.  They will help find lost items, deliver messages to people who aren’t speaking to us or to those with whom we have lost contact, make something happen in the right here and now, give guidance and will let us know that we are protected, valued and appreciated
  • Angels appear as a result of a shift in perception;(Create that shift by becoming very, very still; focus on a person or group; allow the Self to drift out-of-body, but to not abandon the body; be in the presence of those who do good)
  • In these modern times, angels often show up as gently moving spheres of light instead of being dressed in formal angel attire
  • Seeing angels isn’t important; receiving their messages is vital
  • The five essentials for working with angels are: accepting miracles, believing in the positive, studying the spiritual side of life, deciding how life is to be, and then taking steps in the right here and now to create the life style we desire
  • Receive angel help by asking (name the angel of the person you want to communicate with or name the angel of the object you wish to find, identify your Self, name the action needed and why, thank the angel)
  • Good angels take human form, speak the language the person asking for help speaks and thinks, and would never tell anyone to do anything that goes against the Ten Commandments, the Law of Love, or denies anyone life, freedom and justice
  • The four practices that guarantee angel work success are: being open to possibilities, practicing forgiveness, expressing gratitude and desiring the very best for all including the Self
  • Some of the promises of God that keep angel work flowing are God promised:  to supply all my needs, to prosper me even in a desert, to go before me and make my way straight, and to make my present greater than my past

Questions often asked:

Why did you write this book?

People need help.  Life is filled with situations and challenges that are almost impossible to handle by one Self.  Many people don’t know that help is available in the form of the spiritual energy called angels.  I wanted to remind people of this help, and I wanted people to know how very easy and simple it is to obtain this help.

Why do you capitalize “Self”?

We are holy beings.  We were created by God.  We sometimes forget this.  By capitalizing “Self”, we remind our Self of who we are, the power we have access to and of all the great and fantastic qualities that go into making us who and what we are.

 Have you seen angels?

Yes, I have.  You probably have, also, but, since angels don’t always appear dressed the way we expect them to, nor do they make big announcements when they show up, we often don’t realize that we’ve been in the presence of one.  Actually, we are surrounded by angels at all times.  They have the grace to move out of our way so we don’t bump into them and become aware of them.

Do angels always bring “tidings of great joy”?

No.  However, I’ve learned to look for and find the gift or benefit in what I might interpret as a negative message.

ASK  THE  ANGELS  TO— is available on Amazon Kindle.

Contact Rev. Barbara at Spreadlight@bellsouth.net

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